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отличный шаблон, прост в установке. Достаточно большое кол-во настроек позволяющие настроить под себя
Perfect! The template is easy to install, and it’s so easy to use. And from the customer’s standpoint it is very intuitive, perfect for our team. It’s customer service team is also very knowledgeable, patient and professional, they address our every concern and help suggest various solutions. We would definitely recommend Template Monster! Will definitely continue to use! Thanks to them for the incredible job!
I bought template Organic Cosmetics OpenCart Template #52968. We are creating the largest e-shop in Slovakia for bio cosmetics and just this template we seemed most appropriate. in the shop with cosmetics are very important reviews. therefore we liked it right from the front page are published reviews of customers also satisfied with photos. This will definitely help you in obtaining our credibility. also we like very much that in the product is the ability Quick View, which is a very important element for the customer to quickly obtain basic information about the product. and another very important element is fixed the top menu, which remains in the header page, even if the scroll. and of course responsive design. as a programmer can enjoy fast and convenient deployment as well as support for templatemonster where I always order. Thank you very much and I will definitely continue to buy.
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