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This is my second TemplateMonster template. The first template was relatively easy to work with given I knew/know nothing about e-commerce and web-building. Both Template Monster and Open Cart have been been just super when it comes to answering questions and provide support, not just not telling me to Read the knowledge base. I run a 1 person e-commerce shop and handle all the operation, production, packaging, sales and marketing for my little company. I do not have time to Read the FAQs, I want and need immediate answers and advice. Even though my company, Setter Mountain Food Group, Inc. may get to point were people and staff can be hired, we will continue to Open Cart and TemplateMonster...Bravo!
On the first glance it was nice buy, but we were struggling with the weird behavior of the scroll. Still recommended template.
Thank you for your feedback! Please remember that you can always contact our 24/7 free support with any questions or difficulties you have - Our specialists will be more than glad to assist you!
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