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My customer loved the Car & Tuninng Template Monster template I chose, but a critical ingredient of our OpenCart site was a special Filtering module that wasnt playing well with the template. Although there were no guarantees - and I knew that - the technical support team at Template Monster took a look at my problem and solved it - with 6 lines of CSS! Not only are TM templates engaging, stylish and fun, they really showcase my customers products in a snappy professional looking manner.
Easy to use, easy to customize template. We had to develop additional features and redesign some parts of it, but that was no problem. We did not have to contact the creator. Modern look and ergonomic design. The side menu makes it easy to keep track of a shop with many categories. It is also useful to be able to display basic information in the header. The mobile view is also adequate, which is a basic expectation in 2022.
Great all round template, can be used for multi sites not just car tuning. Great color scheme
Professional! Unique theme and unique service. The template makes our web site simple, pretty and professional. We requested for minor customization on this theme. Thanks to the customer service team for their professionalism, knowledge and patience, who helped smoothen our concerns and work out the solution in a timely manner. Your efforts into providing top-notch web design and tech support is much appreciated.
Спасибо за отличный адаптивный шаблон Car Tuning. Прекрасное дизайнерское решение, отличная верстка. Шаблон поставляется вместе с psd исходниками, а также с уже настроенным opencart. Остается просто распаковать систему на хостинге и сайт работает, прекрасное решение. Также в комплекте идет документация, описывающая процесс установки сайта на хостинге, что очень помогает не допустить ошибок при установке.

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