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PrestaShop шаблон со стильны и продуманным дизайном для сайта медицинского оборудования. Шаблон специально разработан для сайтов здравоохранения. Шаблон интегрирован с быстрым инструментом настройки, который позволяет управлять цветовой схемой и шрифтами. Главное меню остается в фиксированном положении в верхней части страницы. Полностью настраиваемый, он поддерживает любой вид контента, который вам нужен - традиционные элементы меню, баннеры, изображения, видео, ссылки и т.д. Удобная галерея делает его более привлекательным для пользователей. Изображения призваны эффективно продемонстрировать товары вашим посетителям. Форма подписки позволяет держать пользователей всегда в курсе последних новостей.

Журнал изменений

Medic Version 2.0 (August 27, 2019):

  • Updated to 1.7

  • - Added JX AMP module

  • Updated documentation

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It is an elegant and highly functional template for a medical shop.
Perfect for any medical webshops, I have bought it as my first prestashop project, and find everything really easy and straightforward. I recommend this template to everyone!
This is absolutely the best template I ever purchased. From any provider. Not only we had 0 issues implementing it to our customers shop but it also has couple of useful built-in TM modules like blog feature, newsletter pop up. I love it. I would normally mention that I am as always very happy with the support provided by TM but in case of this particular template I simply didnt have to log a single ticket with the support team. Well done!
I recently bought template from template monster website. It was really easy for me to search the template i wanted. I tried on other websites but it was really tiresome and most of the templates were too expensive. The support of Template Monster is very helpful they guided me throughout from buying the template till installation. if i have to buy template in future i would really go for template monster. Thanks.
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Hello i have a problem, i have some picture in my front page and for each picture, the miniature is only one picture who is the best sale of the prestashop website, and its a real problem. Maybe it's a problem with a module, can someone help me ?
Hello Barcod! Thank you for your question. We are sorry for inconveniences you have met. Our tech support will ocntact you via e-mail soon. Best regards, Michelle Lambert
Hello, I would like to add more banners instead of 3.. can it be done?
Yes sure, you can manage the template to any way you need as our templates are fully editable. You can add more banners via Prestashop dashboard. Also, we provide 24/7 Support and video tutorials on how to edit the template. Thank you.
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