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I am delighted with this author because the templates are very nice and he always helps you if you have any problems
First the good things - this template is nice looking. It was an inexpensive choice, at $23 (although with a $2 fee for purchases over $10 (okay?) that was actually $25) so it made sense for my small business starting out. Its already bundled with a whole lot of plug-ins so you dont have to chase down a bunch of stuff on your own, its all included in the zip. Its faaairly easy to upload it to your site if you have a basic understanding of WordPress. Theres an included file you can click on with detailed screenshots walking you through the process of step-by-step installation of the theme, because the actual installation is a bit tricky. Onto the not-so-good. The theme itself is a little clunky. Theres a widget portion in the mega-menu where you need to copy/paste a portion of code, that part just doesnt work, it returns an error. Its possible that its outdated; Im not really sure. Im still moving toward finishing getting the site set up so Im not sure if thats a crucial part of the menu. The instructions on getting your site/products set up beyond the dummy content is not really there; youre pretty much on your own. I dont mean How does WooCommerce work? I mean How does this weird theme work with all these options in the dashboard and WTF do I do with all of them? These folks are in the business of selling themes and getting paid to install them, so its not super surprising that they make it a little complicated for people to figure out on their own. I get that and I dont mind spending extra time trying to tinker with it since I cheaped out on not paying for installation. ***The only real complaint I have is that there are no customization options for colors. As many other little things as they included, it seems like a no-brainer to include an option in there to change the colors for the buttons/header/footer/etc to match your brand. That seems like the most basic thing every business owner would want. Ill figure it out, but...yeah.*** Edit: I felt like a real idiot literally MOMENTS after posting my review and finding where in the theme to go in and change colors. Theres not quite as much customization as I would like but you can definitely change the header/button colors to fit your brand, so ignore that. My issue now is that the theme appears to be outdated for the current version of WooCommerce so Im hoping to get that fixed up. Im optimistic that I can get some help with that!

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