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professional! The folks at Template Monster did a great job in providing top-notch templates for e-commerce solution. We particularly like the contemporary, clean and professional approach in this template. Information is clearly laid out in hierarchy, all the elements are nicely aligned. This template is also highly compatible across different browsers, and is responsive across different mobile device, keeping the web development process at ease. We love how this template helps create a professional yet user-friendly web site.
This theme was really fast & easy to install. All i had to do was download & install opencart on my server. Ive had very good experience with this purchase. I am usual themeforest customer, But this is my first one on templatemonster. The documentation is well versed & in depth. which saved me from hitting any roadblock while deploying which is usually the case with other services. Also the theme is developed in a way that you truly get control over the entire theme & there is nothing for you to develop or change. All the layouts & plugins are developed in such generalized way. Instaling instafeed on my website was definitely one of the highlight of this project. It works like charm & it was really easy to implement. Only complaint i have is with templatemonster. Can you please stop spamming my email id? I get like 10 emails everyday.
Thanks a lot for your positive feedback! We highly appreciate it! According to your request, weve deleted your email address from our subscription database.
Шаблон очень привлекательно смотрится, причем как на компьютере так и на смартфоне. Нужна была тема как раз для интернет-магазина сумок и рюкзаков, так что не пришлось слишком много чего менять, загрузил товары, подстроил под продажи на территории Украины, поменял изображения и всё готово. Если есть возможность, то лучше воспользоваться услугой установки, ибо шаблон имеет много различных дополнений, но при желании можно разобраться и самому. Спасибо за качественные темы!
Wspaniały template, bardzo intuicyjny i łatwy do obsługi. Instalacja bardzo łatwa.
Отличный продукт по хорошей цене. Всем кто не может определиться с выбором - советую.
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Hi, bought the template, love it, have a question. Use the fields EAN, JAN, ISBN... and display the necessary information in the product card ? Thanks.
Thank you for your comment, Anton! We have created a ticket #ZXW-857-10732 according to your request. Our senior technicians will gladly check this issue for you. You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you. Kind Regards, Jenna Bennett.
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