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Dream - Construction - адаптивний Joomla шаблон №66014 - Характеристики зображення 1

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php 7.3 and 7.4 support added. updated everything else.

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This was one of the best joomla templates that Ive ever purchased. It was my first time using the page builder versus the standard joomla articles, but I loved it. It was very intuitive and the designers picked a great selection of addons to include in this template. It is a very versatile template that could be used for any business. I also think that updating the site will be easier in the future - Great Job!
I loved this Template. The SP Page builder makes things very easy to install and customize...great support too
Kein Hinweis darauf das zum Unterhalt des Templates eine kostenpflichtige Pagebuilder Komponente verwendet werden muss! Keine Antwort auf diesen Hinweis und *Reklamation!!!!
Perfect for contruction. I recomend it, easy to install on server.
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Joomla 3.9x