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A website selling toys for kids should be color rich, stimulating and captivating, just like the given template. Vivid green, blue, orange, red and purple hues will be enjoyed by both kids and their parents, which can turn online shopping into a fun game. Large background images help dividing content into logic blocks, whereas tabbed navigation and grids make it easier to find the necessary items. Large design elements calls to action, fonts and buttons increase the effectiveness of the theme, bringing it more charm and elegance.

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TemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale.

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Sergiu Mihalachi

Template speed is slow. Google Search Console reports error on structured product data.


Thank you for your feedback. Please, check the links below to help you with it: https://www.appseconnect.com/tips-to-speed-up-shopify-store/ https://www.shopify.com/enterprise/site-performance-page-speed-ecommerce https://www.semrush.com/blog/9-tips-for-boosting-the-speed-of-your-shopify-website/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=4d0aab8479ca0d892665a47d8236f97f570e7e5b-1579700073-0-AR01lNwhBac-dcQoVgs12Bw7ktW2XkNrwTHuBV7mUi6jA1aqg8ON6taO9yCffdA7mIVceAG894BN5Iln-kbYLt9zEtmvY1fX0oOH8CeFLksn_qY4bCfdFXsHVke0JVZnlbXJkbEqxAL-CP6mqCTl42BmIAaSucmpHNs9fszMiUVtZYlfVVaXHxw_iGD5ZQvzmlTN1qdTGCg5S1oplAUSMt-W4g5ALJ_SFgBmHnLB17PnHmXG_h7f5qomSnnlMyUiTcUDx5Zr4u2KmWu1W6b37_6sgV69xnsLIA9iX1t3T0XMRnxjcepqITkrjJBy3ZtkFwMvnF-HXwrnRJLcxL_sr3iCfVp0ueLX1KoB3Cfc-Md38ybhLPobjk5MPf1ZNqbXTaiILMKSwo7Tjak0uh12kBE https://medium.com/@iliashaddad/shopify-speed-optimization-step-by-step-guide-4afca6423b18 For more details, please, visit the forum as the issue is the Shopify engine itself, not theme related.

Akshay Khurana

The template from template monster is the best I found on the website. It is the one that suits my requirements. For a kids store website it the one that catches your attention. The template is fully responsive as well as has a parallax affect. This unique feature is available in very few templates. The 24\7 support from template monster is what I wanted. For a person with less web designing knowledge, one should go for this

Mark Burginger

The format of the web site allows us to easilly expand our focus. Toys Rock!

Irene Pretti

awesome , nice and professional template, works perfectly for me

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