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Журнал змін


  • Fixed The TGM Plugin.
  • Fixed The WooCommerce Plugin.



  • Added a new mobile menu.
  • Added a single blog previous and next.



  • Preloader loading cancel option set.



  • Latest WordPress Version Capability.

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The client for whom we set up the website on this template is very satisfied. Funjconność great, the site is very intuitive from the point of view of visitors, easy to use. For the administrator, the simplicity of the administration panel, everything can be found quickly, you can also easily update everything you need. Another purchase that I am very happy with and as always, I recommend shopping right here.
its easy to install. You can modify many things. The file structure is transparent. Easy to configure and modify. A very intuitive way of making changes. I have installed many templates and I really recommend it to everyone who is looking for professional solutions. The template is very simple and friendly. You will certainly be satisfied. Also your clients. The page on this template will be modern and adapted.

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