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17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters Infographic

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40% of internet users purchase goods online. How to make your store interesting for them, and thus increase its conversion rate? Check out 17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters Infographic, showing a list of tips that can lead to a significant improvement in conversion rate.

The Content

This infographic is a kind of checklist, following which can bring a dramatic increase in conversion results. It covers 17 main eCommerce boosters, gives useful information and actionable tips which will help you turn visitors into paying customers. All these 17 points are subdivided into 6 color-coded sections.

17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters Infographic

The Concept

Why puzzles? This concept was chosen to show that the work of improving conversion reminds doing puzzle. To get the final picture (increased conversion rate) you have to put all pieces (techniques) together. In a similar way, all information is arranged within puzzles in this infographic. The more of these pieces you’ll take into account, the better results in increasing conversion you’ll achieve.

3 Interesting Facts About this Infographic

1. It is gifographic.

Infographic with animated elements is called GIFographic.

Bringing movement into infographic makes it a bit more exciting for the viewers. GIFographic is a new way of presenting information, and it seems to be very promising. The file size stays small, ‘cause several animated elements doesn’t affect fast loading.

2. PrestaShop and OpenCart versions are coming.

These versions contain blocks with the top-rated modules: Product Reviews, Checkout, Improved Site Search, Live Chat, Payment, Upselling & Cross-Selling. They will be published on the OpenCart, PrestaShop blogs in a short time. Here you can preview the following blocks from them:

Block from OpenCart Infographic

Block from Prestashop Infographic

3. It's done with love, and in a good mood 🙂

Special Thanks to...

all those who worked with us during the process of creation: Trevor Klein from MOZ, Sean Work from Crazy EGG, Amanda Durepos from Unbounce, Cara Olveda from Business, Johanna Toiviainen from Lengow, Robert Allen from Smart Insights, Ayaz Nanji from MarketingProfs, Heather Whitelaw from OpenCart, Cécile Dubouis from PrestaShop. Thank you, guys, for your feedback, helpful advice, and your time!

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