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  • Installation from scratch
  • E-commerce store setup
  • Site optimization
ETA ETA : 1 business day
$99 $99
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Online Store Setup Includes:

Template installation
Currencies, locations, taxes setup
Payment & Shipping adjustment
Store contacts & Logo adding
We will add your store contacts along with the logo onto your site.
Navigation (menu, links) update
We will add/update up to 2 levels of a simple menu. Also, any other header & footer links will be updated to what you need.
Products Import
Up to 1000 simple products (i. e., without attributes, combinations). You will be given a sample file with the necessary instructions.
Languages installation
We will install up to 5 languages (1 language for Magento).
Google Analytics integration
Home page + 5 CMS pages content update
We will update the home page content including slides, banners, custom texts and also create up to 5 CMS pages, such as About us, Privacy Policy and so on.
Basic SEO & Speed Optimization
We will make basic SEO tweaks and optimize the site's performance for a better user experience.
15 images of your choice from
You will be able to select any 15 images (of any size) from Depositphotos' 40 mln collection to boost your site visuals.
Content Writing Service
You will get up to 1000 words of original high-quality texts for your online store (for example, to use on informational pages). Available only for English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.
Extended On-Page SEO Optimization
Includes organic performance analysis, Google Search Console integration, semantic analysis and keyword mapping, meta tags creation, SEO competitive strategy planning, and other changes. Available only for English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.

How it Works:

  1. Collecting information

    from 15 minutes

    You provide us with the information about your store (e. g., payment & shipping methods you want to use, currencies, store contacts, and so forth).

  2. Setting up an online store

    from 1 to 2 business days

    We install and configure your store according to your instructions. Additionally, we integrate Google Analytics and optimize your website.

  3. Reviewing & finishing up

    from 15 minutes

    You check the final result and provide your feedback. In case there are any further changes required, we will make them on time.

To Setup Online Store We Need:

  • Your website URL address
  • FTP and MySQL access or cPanel access
  • Information about your store (currencies, taxes, payment and shipping methods, etc.)
  • Any additional files with content, images or products

Why Choose Online Store Setup Services

Don't know how or where to start your eCommerce store setup? Don't like wasting time doing this? Order our expert eCommerce development services and get your store installed promptly! Additionally, we will set up your website according to your requirements on time.

Launching a completely operational online store from scratch is a very complicated and therefore tedious process. We provide advanced eCommerce product data entry services for those who have no technical background or need the help of proficient web developers. Let's check the milestones of the online store setup service. 

From the start, we provide the eCommerce store setup. Performing this service, we will configure payment and shipping setting, update store contacts, and upload your logo. Then, our online store setup specialists will set up your storefront. They will import your products, set up menu navigation, add your content, and create up to 5 new pages. Moreover, our experts will configure backend settings that include generating robots.txt & sitemap.xml files and installing up to 5 languages. 

Purchasing eCommerce development services you get the ability to track your website visitors' behavior. We will integrate Google Analytics into your website. This service provides complete reports about your website visitors. Basing on the provided information, you can optimize your site's overall performance to provide your customers with the best user experience. Also, Google reports will help you to convert more sales by analyzing your clients' behave.

Consequently, the eCommerce product data entry services give you a fully functional online store filled with your content and optimized for better rankings and user experience within 24 hours or less. As a bonus, you will also receive a substantial discount for up to 3 customization services!

Please note:

  • Site's performance optimization offers for WordPress/Woocommerce and PrestaShop.
  • Products import is limited to 1000 simple products, i. e. products without options, attributes, combinations. On top of that, you must provide a valid CSV file containing all the products. We will send a sample file with the instructions on how to edit one.
  • The online store setup service is limited to standard/official shipping and payment solutions. We can install custom extensions for an additional fee only.
  • The content inserting service provides for only one language.
  • Language installation is limited to 5 for PrestaShop, OpenCart and 1 for Magento. We don't offer language installation for WordPress and Shopify.
  • Extended On-Page SEO Optimization is available only for English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. If you need SEO Optimization to be performed for French, German, Spanish, or Polish language, contact our pre-sales managers via our Live Chat.


Can you import more than 1000 products?

Yes, we can do this for you. However, it requires an additional fee: $99 / 1000 products.

Which payment & shipping methods do you support?

Each CMS supports several particular payment & shipping methods. Hence, it depends on the content management system that you use. We can add custom payment and shipping options for an additional fee.

Will I have the ability to contact a project manager?

Yes, a dedicated project manager will contact you to gather all the details regarding your website. Your project manager will keep you informed about the progress. 


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TE Teodor Hays
I have ordered eCommerce web development services and got my launched at the next day! A personal manager contacted and gathered all the details. The online store setup offer is the fastest way to start selling online!
AU Aubrey David
Thank you for my eStore. This company provides eCommerce web services within a day! Highly appreciate professional online store setup and customer care provided by this company.
IV Ivo Harrison
I advise purchasing eCommerce website services along with the Google AdWord pack. Purchasing this bundle, you get a complete turnkey solution that includes a ready-to-go website and targeted traffic on your website.
  • Installation from scratch
  • E-commerce store setup
  • Site optimization
ETA ETA : 1 business day
$99 $99
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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