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20 Free & Premium Writing Tools for Bloggers and Publishers

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This blog post will appeal to copywriters, editors and other creatives to deal with writing and publishing texts. No matter if you are a new or an experienced blogger, you need to learn new ways of how to maximize the writing process to provide the readers with the best content. We've made up a compilation of 20 writing tools that should help you manage the task nicely.

I guess all of you had once got stuck when you knew that you had to update your blog with a catching piece of writing, but you had no idea of what you should talk about.

Or you got distracted all the time while trying to concentrate on your writing, or the topic that you were asked to highlight in your post was not that interesting for you.

Pretty often, a writing tool can help you manage the job better and faster. But which writing tools are considered to be the best for bloggers and publishers? Let's take a look at the chart.

Writefull app

The tool provides feedback on your writing. It's a lightweight app that will check your texts against databases of correct languages. The app works in both MS Word and Gmail. If you want the app to analyze your text, select a piece of content, and activate the Writefull popover. A list of suggested options will appear right away.

Pricing: free

Place to Write

A nice writing tool for MacOS X and iPad. The tool is all about letting both amateur and experienced writers get inspired and focused on the process of creating a piece of content by offering them creative writing aids. The app also features several themes to choose from, inspiring background music, several font types, etc.

Pricing: free



The app is designed for iOS users. You can either write texts in the app or upload any project from Dropbox. The app also supports scriptwriting mode, footnotes, and comments. It shows you live word counter, character count and sets targets. You can rearrange section on a virtual corkboard on your iPad, as well as sync with other devices.

Pricing: $19.99


Morpholio Journal

You never know when you will get inspired to write or draw something. With the help of this iOS app, you can write and sketch on-the-go. It allows you to brainstorm while writing texts and accompanying them with your drawings. The number of drawing tools within the app impresses. Here you can find pens, pencils, and paints. The app is a perfect choice for designers and architects, as well as other creatives.

Pricing: free



This is a native text editor for Mac, which checks the code as you write it. Chocolat supports autocompletion for JS, Python, Ruby, HTML, etc.

Pricing: free



You can write texts and format them right within the app in a browser window. There is also an option to search for the related Wikipedia articles from within the app and keep track of the number of written words, paragraphs, and docs.

Pricing: free



This online tool keeps you focused on writing. It supports all formatting options needed to highlight certain text areas in bold, italics, add a URL, quote, etc.

Pricing: free


Expresso app

The tool will help you make your texts clearer and engaging to the readers. As soon as you have written or just pasted in your content into the app, click the "analyze text" button, and you will see tables with metrics displayed next to it. A block of synonyms is provided as well.

Pricing: free


Hemingway app

With the help of this tool, you can make your texts clearer and easier-to-follow by a reader. It highlights complex sentences, provides suggestions to the words that are less popular or difficult to comprehend, etc. You will be given a readability grade, as well as some adverbs, sentences that are (very) hard to read, phrases with simpler alternatives, etc.

Pricing: $19.99


Just Not Sorry

The app underlines words and phrases that undermine your message and explains what negative effect those may have.

Pricing: free


The app is more about personalizing your communication with customers rather than posting content on a blog. Its primary purpose is to make chats with clients more personalized using hand-written fonts.

Pricing: paid



GitBook is an online service that lets you write, publish and manage your books online. It will be of particular use to authors, scientists, and large companies that need to presents their content to the web community.

Pricing: free; $7/mo; $35/mo for 5 users.



You can choose from online and desktop versions of the app. While entering your text or creating content within the editor, you will see if there are any typos, syntactical or grammatical mistakes available in your content.

Pricing: free/premium



This is more than just a tool for writers. This is a huge network of millions of people engaged. This is the place where you can write, edit and post your articles, without the need to pay for hosting or choosing a CMS. At Medium, you can share your texts to the communities of people who are interested in a particular topic.

Pricing: free


Instant articles

This is a great tool for those of you who post on Facebook frequently. In addition to a wider array of opportunities for publishers in terms of the visual presentation of their stories, there are also the options to take control of those stories, monetization opportunities, and brand experience. Thus, you can even sell ads in articles and track traffic through comScore or other analytics tools.

Pricing: free


Sharethrough headlines

As the name implies, with the help of this free online tool, you can find out how great the headline of your article is.

Pricing: free


Article Bunny

This is the place where you can get well-written pieces of content upon request. More than 100 writers are ready to provide content on any topic that you order or give you a ready-made piece of writing right away.

Pricing: starting at $95 per piece



Here is a great online tool for working on the text creation with your team. Co-workers can leave notes in real-time, as well as participate in planning.

Pricing: free



The tool is intended to create interactive content through polls, videos, quizzes, etc. With Apester, you can make people part of your story, and see how they reflect different pieces of writing, share it with others, etc.

Pricing: free



With the help of this tool, you can see the complete profile of every customer by connecting with the back-office, communicate with the audience, as well as automate your workflow by writing emails using keyboard shortcuts and templates.

Pricing: free


What other writing tools for publishers do you think are worthy of being added to the list? Feel free to share your suggestions with us below, and in the meantime you're welcome to check out our collection of WordPress themes for writers 😉

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