Elementor or Visual Composer: What WordPress Page Builder Is Better?

Dec 08, 2017

Table of contents:

  1. Why are WordPress Page Builder so popular?
  2. Pros and Cons of the Visual Composer
  3. Pros and Cons of the Elementor
  4. What should I choose?

Why are WordPress Page Builder so Popular?

The ability to customize a WordPress website is the key thing everyone admires about this amazing platform. Basically, you could always make any changes you wanted to your website with a few clicks. However, a few years ago it was a little bit harder and you actually needed to have enough skills to achieve the customization freedom and change the appearance of your website completely.

WordPress has always been giving us lots of widgets and other tools for the customization of our website’s appearance. However, when the visual page builders got into this market, we’ve witnessed a completely new approach.

Visual Builders got into our lives being a separate product like Weblium, Wix or other representatives of this industry. Times goes by and some developers decided to include the drag-n-drop functionalities into the WordPress CMS as a separate plugin. To be honest with you, I believe that this is one of the best ways to work with the WordPress templates nowadays.

So now we have a few big players on the market that are included in the majority of the premium WordPress themes.

These visual builders are:

You may find a lot of separate articles on these two-page builders, and to be honest with you, there are a lot of things they miss or lie about when they review them.

Today I want to review the key differences between these two and tell you which one will fit your needs and what kind of a page builder you need if you do not want to obtain a headache while developing your website.

More and more web users choose Elementor Page Builder to build content on their websites. In conjunction with Jet family plugins, it brings advanced functionality and more opportunities for site customization. What if we say that you can now get this content editor and other web elements at a single pack? Actually, it becomes real with a brand new subscription service called ONE.

Inside the package, you’ll find a wide range of top products from plugins and extensions to different themes and templates. More than 8,500 items in one pack will cost you just $19 monthly. Additionally, you may also subscribe to the service at a reduced price if you are MonsterPost reader. Enter promo code BecomeThe1 in the corresponding field in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Pros and Cons of the Visual Composer

Visual Composer for WordPress

First of all, it will be fair to note that some of the vendors on our TemplateMonster Marketplace include the Visual Composer in their themes and some of them include the Elementor page builder.

That’s why prior to working on this article I have sent a request for the feedback from some of them and gathered their thoughts on these two. Let’s start by reviewing the Visual Composer’s Pros and Cons and see what this car has under the hood.

WordPress Page Builder

Visual Composer can be implemented in your project very easy. Simply install the Visual Composer plugin and you will be able to control your pages’ layouts, change them and add different modules to them.

Here are the pros of the Visual Composer:

  1. Two type of editors: Frontend Editor and Backend Editor
  2. WordPress shortcodes support
  3. SEO Optimized
  4. Works with any WordPress theme
  5. Available for use in posts and custom post types
  6. Multilanguage ready
  7. Documentation and Video Tutorials to work with

The last thing I mentioned above is something we need to discuss. That one can go to the pros and cons columns of the same type, let me explain you why.

Visual Composer is a very powerful tool for the website developers. However, if you are a regular WordPress user, you can get a lot of pain from Visual Composer’s so-called ‘user-friendliness’.

Here are the cons of the Visual Composer:

  1. You will definitely have to dive into some tutorials and online lessons to understand how some of the backend features work in the VC and I believe that this is the biggest problem with the Visual Composer plugin.
  2. Some of the features are locked and you won’t be able to use them if you don’t buy the premium version of the VC plugin
  3. The premium version of VC is not even live yet, you can only pre-order it, so as of right now you cannot use WooCommerce integration in any way, access the premium support, developers API or Footer and Header Editor.
  4. It drops your website load speed down badly

The overall experience with the Visual Composer is good, it will be a big lie to say that it’s not a good WordPress editor and I’d like to be completely honest with you. The only problem for me is the fact that working with the Visual Composer brings me to many questions and issues. The reason is simple - VC page builder is the best options for those who develop themes professionally and have some basic web-development skills, so if you are a newbie or simply do not want to waste your time on knowledge consuming, this is not the best option for you.

The problem with the page load speed is the most painful for me as for a user, so I don’t really like using Visual Composer in my projects, that’s why I left it behind a year ago and I don’t want to go back still.

I won’t say that existence of the premium version is a crime or a big problem, cause Elementor gives you the same choice, but there is a big bonus that comes with Elementor themes on our marketplace, I’ll tell you more about it later in this post, read on.

Here is what the web-developers from our marketplace say about Visual Composer:

Visual Composer is a real beast, but it only means that you have to be skilled enough to curb this beast. As a web-developer, I feel really comfortable working with it and that’s the reason why we implemented it into our themes in the first place. The backend editor gives me the freedom that none of the existing builders gives.

Would I recommend it to regular users? I’m not sure, I would look for something more user-friendly. However, we did our best to make sure that our themes are easy to use for you by designing theme keeping that in mind.”

Wapuula WordPress MultiPurpose Theme

Live Preview | Download

Pros and Cons of the Elementor

Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Elementor is more of a new player on the market, but our marketplaces vendors started to use this page builder very quickly.

This page builder put their biggest effort into the fully customizable elements, so the frontend editor is the most convenient one that I’ve ever used. As you can remember I used lots of different builders like Wix, Squarespace, and others.

Elementor Modules

The biggest half of the features that Elementor page builder can provide you with are the same as the other ones on the market, however, there are some key differences that I should underline for you.

The key pros of the Elementor page builder:

  1. Biggest design control with the section and columns resizing options
  2. Lots of pre-built templates completely free of charge
  3. Good mobile design feature
  4. Great list of options for the responsive settings
  5. The easiest User Interface among all page builders on the market
  6. They release new features and items constantly

Elementor builder wordpress themes banner

One of my favorite thing about the overall Elementor politics is the fact that when they released the Pro version of their products, they decided not to cut out any features that this plugin already head.

It means that Elementor didn’t become a demo version of itself and the Pro version only unlocks some additional features that are not the key ones that you need to develop a great website.

The built-in layouts are awesome and the collection is pretty extensive, so when you buy a WordPress theme with the Elementor included, you can be sure that you will be able to make it look exactly as you want it to look.

The key thing about Elementor is its ease of use. When I first dived into the Elementor page builder and tried to create my first page, I didn’t google any question and didn’t even open their documentation. Everything is so intuitive that even a schoolboy will be able to understand how to work with it.

Here is what our marketplace vendors say about Elementor and why they prefer it over the Visual Composer or any other builder:

I've already built 67 websites with Elementor builder, this was as an amazing experince and a really fast buck! Why fast? Because this builder allows me to created a template-based website in 1 business day.

Just imagine - 1 website in 1 day. I'll definitely write a book next year, I'll call it something like "How Elementor builder made me a millionaire."

Here comes the coolest part about the Elementor builder: If you buy a WordPress theme in our marketplace, you not only get the Elementor Builder there, you also get a JetElements addon for the Elementor. This add-on includes 19 modules as of today. Basically, all the demos and live previews can be checked out on the JetElements landing page. So you won't even need the pro version with this cute addon!

jetElements description

Which One Should I Choose?

Wrapping things up, I have to say that prior to selecting a correct WordPress Page Builder, you have to consider your needs and expectations. I believe that there are two approaches to the WordPress website development and you simply should select the group you can apply your website to:

  • Those who have enough web-development skill, are not scared of the complicated user interface and look for a good backend editor should choose the Visual Composer Page Builder.
  • If you don't want to waste your time on reading the documentation, dealing with a complex interface and optimizing your website load speed you should choose the Elementor Page Builder.

Ascendio - Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Ascendio Corporate WordPress Theme

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Cars and Bikes WordPress Theme

Car Repair WordPress Theme

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AichTwoOh - Water Delivery Service Responsive WordPress Theme

AichTwooh Water Delivery WordPress Theme

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Let me know which one you prefer in the comments.

Do you want us to launch a series of tutorials for each builder?

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2019-04-11 08:57:43

I’ve tried using both elementor and visual composer.. Visual Composer when I was editing an existing website and it took me some time to finish the job.. it also hanging most of the time. While in elementor, I can finish the site in a few clicks and even editing of an existing site came very smoothly. So in totality, I personally recommend elementor.

2019-03-11 07:48:06

Ok either I'm blind, which is possible, or there weren't any cons listed for Elementor... maybe it's just that awesome! Which so far I'd agree with because I've used it and I love the customer HTML feature for those cases when Elementor doesn't quite offer the exact snippet I'm looking for. That, in combination with those themes that offer custom CSS there is really nothing that I can't do with Elementor... I'm talking about the free version. I do however wonder if Elementor also slows down page loads...

2019-01-24 16:53:58

Great article. I have used elementor and I like how you can select different layouts for the mobile only. I was curious about composer because templatemonster offers a lot of themes with it.

2018-06-25 06:55:49

Yup elementor is awesome ❤️. I really love the theme builder functionality. Building themes become really awesome. Elementor with support of addons is great. I hope elementor brings more cool features in future.. Great comparison article. Thanks for posting it..

2018-06-27 04:26:43

We share your love for Elementor! ? If you want to find Elementor templates, plugins and themes just follow here https://www.templatemonster.com/elementor-marketplace/

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