SSL Certificate Creation

SSL Certificate Creation

SSL Certificate for Website Includes:

  • High-level encryption
  • Free dynamic site seal
  • Easy domain validation
  • Fast process of issuing
  • Mobile browser-friendly
  • 256 bit encryption

How It Works:

  1. Purchasing SSL Certificate

    5 min

    After you pay for the SSL certificate creation on our site, you receive an email. It includes a unique promo code. Also, the email contains detailed instructions on how to use the promo code to get your SSL certificate for a website.

  2. SSL Certificate Installation

    15-20 min

    You will get an SSL certificate Thawte by email together with step-by-step instructions for its verification and installation. Just follow them to add the certificate to your hosting account. If any questions appear feel free to contact your host provider tech support.

  3. SSL Certificate Renewal

    5 min

    A positive SSL certificate from Thawte is valid for 1 year. It means that you have to renew it yearly. As soon as you need your next SSL certificate creation, just pay for the offer one more time and repeat all steps with a new promo code.

To Provide SSL Certificate Creation We Need:

  • Purchased SSL creation offer

What You Get with an SSL Certificate for Website

Do you want your website to rank high in SERPs and get the absolute trust of visitors? It’s easy to achieve it with an SSL certificate that grants your site the top level of security.

 It’s not a secret that the Internet isn’t the safest place to run a business. Online fraud and identity theft are, unfortunately, quite common things nowadays. That’s why both users and search engines give preference to sites that guarantee the safety of visitors’ personal data and transactions. Using an SSL certificate is the easiest way to ensure it.

A positive SSL certificate provides the highest levels of protection for your website thanks to its built-in industry-standard encryption. As soon as you take advantage of our SSL certificate creation offer, you can relax and forget about unexpected phishing scams, data breaches, or other online threats.

After the SSL certificate is added to your hosting account, you will have a site that utilizes encrypted HTTPS protocol. A green lock security symbol will be displayed in the address bar showing that your website is protected. Nowadays, the absence of a green lock can ruin your online business. This little symbol indicates that your site can be trusted. It provides web identity assurance to your customers and proves that all data sent to your server is encrypted and cannot be stolen. That is especially important for online stores. They can not work and grow if customers are not willing to type sensitive data like name, email, and credit card number on a site. However, all these advantages will be useful for informational websites as well. With an SSL, no middleman can do any harm and ruin the experience of your customers.

Among the certificate’s main features are easy domain validation, free site seal, 256 bit encryption and the fast process of issuing. Moreover, this certificate comes backed by the Thawte brand, a highly-trusted SSL certificate provider.


  • Is the SSL certificate compatible with any hosting account?

    All hosting accounts are different. Please check with your hosting provider’s tech support if you can add a third-party SSL certificate to your particular hosting account.

  • Do I need to have anything extra to use this SSL certificate?

    Yes, a dedicated IP is required for this certificate to work. You can check with your hosting provider’s tech support if you have one and how much it will cost to add it in case your hosting package doesn’t include it.

  • How reliable is the SSL certificate you offer?

    The Thawte brand is the most recognized worldwide leaders when it comes to online security. Being backed by Thawte, an SSL certificate for the domain we offer is entirely reliable.

  • Will the customers know that my site is protected with an SSL certificate?

    Of course. First of all, your customers will see that your site URL begins with https:// instead of http://, which means that a website is secure. Next, your website will have a secured site seal – a visual indicator that your visitors are on a safe page.

  • Do you help with the installation and activation of the SSL certificate?

    Sorry, each hosting account is different. You can ask for assistance from your hosting provider’s tech support. They know what cPanel you are using and what exactly should be done to install a third-party certificate. However, if you want to move your existing site from HTTP to HTTPS, we are ready to serve you. We can make all the necessary changes in your site’s database and files for an extra fee once an SSL certificate is activated on your hosting.

3 Reviews for this product

An SSL certificate from Thawte is really a great thing! It’s super easy to install and activate it. Though I’m not much of a technician, it took me less than 20 minutes to cope with everything.
I bought my first SSL certificate three years ago and saw its effect almost immediately. The number of my customers started growing fast since people began to believe in the security of all transactions.
I’ve got a couple of online stores and can’t do without SSL certificates. Having experimented with different options on my websites, I saw that Thawte price-performance ratio is the best.

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