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Favicon Generator And Your WordPress Website Icon

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What is a Favicon?

Favicon (favorite icon) is a small square image appearing next to a page title on a browser tab. It usually comes as a 16x16 graphic and can often be seen left of browser address bar when the web page is bookmarked. It is used to present the website and distinguish it from others. It helps users to identify your site with ease.

The Purpose of Favicons

Even though icons are the least essential part of the site, it still shows the attention to details which make the site exude. Small square webpage ‘badges’ are also significant if you want to tell about your brand. But the primary purpose of having favicons today is to enhance user experience quality. The website missing icon has a universal browser emblem and ends up as hundreds of other sites. Website thumbnails tell about extra efforts you make to let the website be attractive to an audience. From a branding viewpoint, web page image will make visitors and potential clients choose your site among others because they will trust you more and appreciate your efforts. Start improving your online branding today; with the web page 16x16 graphic, it has become easier than ever!

How to Create a Favicon? Favicon Generators

To create a web page graphic is as simple as possible. It does not require exceptional skills; average Joe can make it in the shortest time using appropriate tools. Note that favicons should use the icon file format, i.e., .ico. It supports transparency which means that there are no limitations to create a square icon. Remember that the image must be clear and reflect your website content. There is a list of web page icon generators and online services you can go with, e.g., Favicon CC, Favicon Generator, Faviconer, GIMP and much more. Here are some quick tips on how to arrange the image to be saved as favicon.ico:

  1. Crop or add some room around the image to make it square;
  2. Edit the icon to 16x16 pixels;
  3. Save it as favicon.ico;
  4. When the image is ready, upload it to;
  5. Clear cache and reload the page if the icon is not displayed.


How to Install a Favicon in WordPress?

Installing the icon to your WordPress website will take you a moment. Upload .ico file into your theme's main folder with the help of FTP Client and then upload the copy of the favicon.ico file to the main catalog of your site so that it will be displayed in your users’ ‘feedreaders.' Now you are all set up!

Briefly, site icons are essential for site recognition and branding. There is no excuse not to create a square graphic because it is as simple as pie. They say the devil is in the details, and these details are so-called web page thumbnails which people do not usually pay much attention to. Take some time to add a thumbnail to your site today, and get more clients tomorrow, because web page image is a demonstration of professionalism and attention to details which is much appreciated.

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P.S. Just to make sure you will get a WordPress theme, or icon sets in the right place.

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