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TemplateMonster Released Free eBook about Digital Marketplace [Learn How to Become a Vendor]

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TemplateMonster digital marketplace is officially launched.

Next, comes the release of our free eBook about digital marketplace. We have already started receiving vendor applications and cool digital products from talented web designers and developers for a review. Are you also eager to join the community?

We are here to tell you how this can be done the right way.

In one of our previous posts, we have already spoken about the structure, terms, and conditions of TemplateMonster digital marketplace. Now, it's time to dig deeper. If you are a vendor who wants to join the marketplace and start selling your digital products for profit, then our brand-new free eBook about the digital marketplace is for you.

Become a Vendor

The eBook covers all aspects related to working on the marketplace. As you download it from MonsterPost, you will be taken through all steps including registration, submitting digital products, fixing errors, promoting your digital products, and growing revenue.

The explicit guide for vendors can become your handbook, which will give you answers to all question related to the work of TemplateMonster digital marketplace. We will pay your attention to the details that you need to keep always in mind in order for your digital products not to be rejected. You will also learn more about the commissions that you can earn from each sale, licenses, pricing, payment methods, and much more.

Free E-Book

The free eBook about digital marketplace highlights

  • How to Become a Vendor
  • Managing Digital Products on the Marketplace
  • Marketplace Review Team Workflow
  • Product Archive Structure Requirements
  • Product Rejected: Key Reasons
  • How to Grow Product Sales through Social Networking, Product Reviews, Referral Programs

So, are you ready to join the digital marketplace and start selling your products to more than 6 million of TemplateMonster clients? Then go ahead and submit vendor application form, and do not forget to download the free ebook about digital marketplace.

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