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Apr 15, 2014

We thought you might be looking for some global perspective infographics and we want to share the sets that will fit your needs perfectly. Here are 3 free packs that were created exclusively for you by Freepik, the search engine for graphic and web designers.

These three free infographic templates have a modern and flat style design that will help you organize the information and create expressive presentations. Pretty cool, right? And probably the best thing is that you can download and use them as you please. That’s because we really value your time and we always hope to meet your requests, so you can use the files in both personal and commercial projects. It is all up to you!


Check out the free Infographic templates about transportation, communication and politics, some of the most present worldwide aspects of our lives as the globalization is no more text book theory. The clever visual representation of data will surely make the facts more clear, by using maps, pie charts, labels and other types of elements. The infographics are not just a trend, but a very helpful tool.

There’s no better way to explain complex content than to do it with infographics. If you need to present much information, do it with schemes, diagrams, icons, and graphics with less text and more numerals.

Want to learn some new things?

Don’t forget that all the graphics in the free packs are vectors so you can easily edit, scale and customize them to meet your needs, making no compromises in quality. As easy as pie…charts.

Time to download some high quality free infographics templates, don’t you think so?

free infographic template
Designed by Freepik.

Download politics infographic in .AI format.

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free infographic template
Designed by Freepik.

Download transportation infographic in .AI format.

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infographic template free download
Designed by Freepik.

Download communication infographic in .AI format.

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So, how do you like them? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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