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The Gutenberg WordPress Editor: What You Need To Know

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  1. What is Gutenberg and what brings it to the table?
  2. Who’s working on it?
  3. When and where does it get released?
  4. What are the pros and cons now?
  5. Can I read more about it?

Do you hear the word Gutenberg more often that you’d like to? There is no need to worry; everyone is discussing the new WordPress themes editor that will be a part of the biggest WP release when the 5.0 lands. It’s always fun to waste some time and read an article without any facts and full of ‘maybe’ and ‘if,’ but let’s forget about it today and look at real facts about the Gutenberg editor.

Let’s go; we’ve gathered the key things you need to know about it!

What is Gutenberg and what it brings to the table

Gutenberg is a new editor developed by the WordPress development team. The primary purpose of this editor will be to replace the TinyMCE with its old-school look and functionality and make our life much easier.


Content will be edited by moving the blocks around as we all got used to doing in the modern page builders. But the main idea behind this product will be to make all those additional page building plugins unnecessary and the whole WordPress system friendly.

The overall look of Gutenberg is ‘hardly-inspired’ by the Medium editor and, to be honest with you, the main principles of how it works was inspired by the same editor.

Matt Mullenweg

I firmly believe that Gutenberg is the direction that will provide the most benefit to the maximum number of people while being totally in line with core WordPress’s philosophies and commitment to user freedom. So, keep giving us your feedback, and let’s push through the fear together. It’s worth a little discomfort to change the world.

Who’s working on it?

The team behind this product is solid, and you know why I’m so sure about it? Cause Matt Mullenweg is still holding the wheel on this one.


He announced that Gutenberg would be one of the most essential releases in 2018 along with the WordPress 5.0 which will include this editor.

Matt even wrote a small blog post about Gutenberg called ‘We Called it Gutenberg for a Reason’, I would recommend you checking it out for some insights and thoughts from the guy who leads the development of the editor we’ll all have to use soon.

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When and where it gets released?

The Gutenberg editor will be released this year along with the WordPress 5.0. But make no mistake, there is still a chance for anyone to check out how it works right now.

WordPress team released a beta version of this editor and uploaded it to the WordPress repository as a plugin. Anyone can download it, install it and play with the features to see how it works.

We strongly recommend you not trying to install it on your main website, just try it out locally, cause the version is still unstable and even the Gutenberg developers ask you to be careful with it.

What are the pros and cons now?


  • For publishers that prefer Medium style editing experience, they are most likely going to love the WordPress Gutenberg editor.
  • Gutenberg provides a less distracting experience with more screen space.
  • Blocks are fun to use, and the new alignment options are a step forward for larger resolution screens and full-width templated and responsive sites.
  • Already works great on mobile, and going forward, we can see people utilizing this a lot more. Need to make a quick edit on your phone while on the go? Do it!
  • The ability for theme and plugin developers to create their own custom blocks.
  • Easier to use for beginners.


  • It is currently missing Markdown support.
  • While we also listed it being easier to use for the beginners, we can also see this as being harder for some to learn.
  • Doesn’t support custom plugin meta boxes such as Yoast SEO yet. This alone makes it unusable in production right now. But it is understandable as plugin developers will now have to start testing integrations with the Gutenberg editor.
  • Doesn’t support responsive columns yet. We hope this is coming. Often, people install visual builder plugins or shortcode plugins to get the column feature alone. It is time for columns to be in the core!

Can I read more about it?


The short answer is ‘Yes!’ Here at TemplateMonster, we wrote an e-book for those who want to know everything about the upcoming Gutenberg release. We looked right under the hood for you, and we want to show everything this editor can and cannot do!

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