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How To Create a WooCommerce Store

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I’m about to make an announcement that will make one-half of our geek audience hate me. It’s quite simple -  I am a Marvel hater and a DC fanboy.

Despite this fact, I enjoy hanging out in places where comic books meet coffee, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Marvel fan base or something like that. I like communicating with the comic book fans, and it doesn't matter what 'religion' he or she follows.

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Usually, I’m not there to have arguments about what’s good and what’s evil. I’m just finishing my morning coffee and reading comic books while setting my mind onto the working mood.

Oh, speaking of coffee. Is everyone ready for the new Twin Peaks season?  I am so excited about it! I am currently reading the new book by Mark Frost - 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks.' It's a must for a real TP fan, and you should get yourself a copy!

how to create woocommerce store

Wait, I believe I am too distracted by Twin Peaks, my bad! Let's get back to my story.

Last Friday I was working on my new article in a coffee shop and having a friendly chat with one of the visitors. He was explaining to me how he left his last job and still didn’t sort his things out. I was curious about what he likes to do and what is he passionate about, and he said to me:

I am all about comics and being 35 years old I am thinking about starting my own shop for a few years now. I have a huge vintage comics collection and I have lots of connections among the other collectors, so I am kinda dreaming about starting a comic store with retro comic books. Too bad it’s just a dream and I have no coding or designing skills. Starting a retail shop is a crazy idea, the market is like a slaughterhouse now! 

Many thanks for the inspiration, Frank, this article is for you and all the others who struggle. Let’s see how you can start your store using WooCommerce it’s simple as hell!

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the best solutions in case you are about to open your own internet business. It will help you to establish a fully-functional store and start serving your customers in a blink of an eye. You will not even finish saying the word ‘Kryptonite’ and boom! Your first customer is here.

First of all, you should select a theme you want to use; we have plenty of ready-made solutions, we’ve got you covered with these WooCommerce premium themes.


how to create woocommerce store

You will not have to buy a license for the WooCommerce. It's a plugin for WordPress and same as WP it's free.


how to create woocommerce store

This is the most downloadable e-commerce extension on the market, and that's for a reason.


how to create woocommerce store

This plugin has more features than you can imagine. It will help you establish a store with all the functionalities you dream of.


how to create woocommerce store

You can set everything up without asking for the help from someone more experienced.


how to create woocommerce store

Setting up your store will take less than one day, this is the fastest way to start selling goods online.


how to create woocommerce store

You can setup the WooCommerce on any template you want; it will work fine.


WooCommerce Theme Installation Instructions

Everything starts with a template. Choose the right theme for your store, and it will become a great beginning and a good first step towards your e-commerce success. As an example I selected this template:

Organica - Organic Food, Cosmetics and Bio Active Nutrition WooCommerce Theme

how to create woocommerce store

Download | Live Demo

Each and every theme in our store can work for any topic you want. It just takes a little more time to make the necessary changes, and you’ll get yourself a store for any niche you want.

Let’s assume that you, like Frank, would like to build the comic book store. The fact that this template was built for the Organic Cosmetic Products store should not scare you off, it is very simple to adjust it to your needs, and I’ll show you how.

Since I have already explained the basics of the WordPress installation, you can just check out my previous article on ‘How to make your website’ and then get back. Then we’ll be on the same page with you, and you’ll have the necessary knowledge for the further progress.

WordPress is Installed, Now What?

On the left sidebar of your Dashboard, you will notice the following menu. Just go to the ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Themes.'

how to create woocommerce store

Installing the theme itself is very simple, click on the ‘Install now’ button and select the package you’ve downloaded from the TemplateMonster store.

how to create woocommerce store

Click the ‘Install now’ button and WordPress will install your theme. Once installed, don’t forget to click on the ‘Activate’ button to set your theme as a default one.

how to create woocommerce store

Once you’ve activated your theme, you will be redirected back to the list of the currently installed themes.

Above you’ll see the list of plugins that should be installed for the template to work correctly. Click on the ‘Begin installing plugins.'

how to create woocommerce store

You will be redirected to the page with the list of all required plugins. You can install them all at once.

Then you'll be redirected to the plugins activation page. Select "Return to the Dashboard" when it is completed.

How to Make it Look Like the Live Demo?

This is a very popular question, and the answer is simple: Import all the demo data we give you along with the template.

Once you’ve downloaded the template from the TemplateMonster store, you will notice that besides the template itself, you get the demo files, let me tell you how you can import those and put those to work.

Let’s go to the ‘Tools’ -> ‘Import’ menu.

how to create woocommerce store

We need to install the ‘WordPress Importer,' so you’ll have to choose that option from the list.

how to create woocommerce store

how to create woocommerce store

Activate the plugin after the installation and run the importer.

Select the .xml file from the ‘sample data’ folder and click the ‘Upload file and import’ button.

After that, choose an author for manual import (or create a new user with login name) or select the one from the list of available authors (recommended option) (or assign post to an existing user:)

Check the "Download and import file attachments" checkbox.

Navigate to the Dashboard when it is completed.

In case you are experiencing any trouble with the importer plugin installation process through the ‘Tools’ > ‘Import’ menu, you can download it here and install it manually like a regular plugin.

Now we should import the widgets, the process is very similar, but I’ll still walk you through it step-by-step, just in case.

Go to the ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add new’ menu. Search for the ‘Widget Importer & Exporter’ and install it like any other plugin.

how to create woocommerce store

Once installed, you will be able to navigate it in the ‘Tools’ menu.

how to create woocommerce store

Select the ‘widgets.wie' file in the ‘sample data’ folder and click on the ‘Import Widgets’ button.

how to create woocommerce store

Once this plugin finishes its work, all the necessary widgets will be installed and activated.

Setting up the WooCommerce Plugin

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking about now: Haven’t WordPress installed it already?

It did. However, you need to customize it and put in some necessary information to run your store. No worries, I will guide you.

You will notice in your dashboard the following notification from the WooCommerce plugin:

how to create woocommerce store

Click on the ‘Run the setup wizard’ and proceed further by clicking the ‘Let’s go’ button.

how to create woocommerce store

After that, the plugin notifies you that it will install the necessary pages for the store existence: Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account.

how to create woocommerce store

Fill in the country of origin, the currency, and dimensions that should be used in your store.

how to create woocommerce store

That’s the point where you should decide whether your store will be shipping the physical goods or just giving some digital services. Once you sort it out, make your choice accordingly.

how to create woocommerce store

Choose the payment services you want to use. I’m not gonna be too original, PayPal and Credit Cards will work fine.

how to create woocommerce store

Add Products to Your Store

To open your store for the customers, you need to add the products. You will have the demo products included along with all the other demo data, so you can either edit the existing products or add new ones by yourself. I’ll show you how you can add new ones.

Click on the ‘Add product’ in the ‘Products’ menu.

how to create woocommerce store

You will see a generic WordPress editing area, it’s almost the same as for the pages and blog posts, but it has some more specific options for the products.

how to create woocommerce store

After you add the Name, Description, Images, Dimensions and Inventory status for your product, don’t forget to set the ‘Product Type.'

how to create woocommerce store

  1. ‘Simple product’ usually works for all the physical goods.
  2. ‘Variable product’ should be used for products that have multiple sizes (like t-shirts or sweatshirts).
  3. ‘Grouped product’ helps you to group several products into one.
  4. ‘External / Affiliate’ products helps you to sell stuff from the outside of your website.

This is how your list of products will look on the WooCommerce Dashboard side of your website.

Wrapping Things Up

Today we learned how to create a store using our premium WooCommerce themes, and I hope it will help you to start your store and grow your business. I did give Frank a link to our blog, but I cannot be sure that he had a chance to check out our blog. I hope it will help you move on and develop your store idea into something cool.

Help people and inspire each other to create. Peace!

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