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An email template represents your website. It’s designed to be recognizable, so it must inherit the site’s style. But even though an email is an HTML page similar to your site’s pages, technical requirements must impose some differences on it. It’s inappropriate to use large background images since they won’t be visible to some of the recipients. It’s unlikely that you want this. In letters, you also can’t use JavaScript and CSS in the header.

Consequently, there won’t be any sliders in the letter. You can achieve a similar effect with an animated GIF image, but this will significantly add weight to your letter. And not all email clients perceive animated images normally. Some of them will show only the first slide. It’s better to avoid large images in general. And, in particular, in a header. Do it only for a temporary action to which you want to draw the attention of the recipient (like having a discount). In any other cases, a large permanent header can irritate the recipient. Such letters are usually being closed before scrolling down to the main content. You can’t attach non-standard fonts to letters. If the recipient doesn’t have the font installed an auto-substitution occurs and you risk getting an unexpected result. Today it’s considered a bad tone to send plain text letters.

They should be created from a template. Even the most primitive ones. And beautifully designed letters are more pleasant to read, and there’s a chance that your client will remember your letter and your company. Don’t try to overwhelm the recipient with all the information about you in one message. For example, prices, news, a description of your activities, and links to related articles. Ideally, the letter should fit a single screen. Do it smarter, build your email strategy so that the recipient sees the main content in the first place. Divide the data into multiple mailings. And send out only current prices and current offers. The following selection includes ready-made templates developed by the team of professional designers.

You have only to change the standard text in our templates. Progress doesn’t stand still. And, like in every other sphere, the design of email messages has its innovations. More and more recipients are viewing mail on mobile devices, smartphones, or tablets. Do you want to keep up with the times? Ready-made newsletter templates include all the required elements of a good email letter. As well as many variations of the style of internal content design.

If you didn’t find one that you would like, you can find more email templates on our site (there are 198 of them in total in there).

Premium Templates

In the era of online shopping personal appeal to the client will only strengthen your position. A well-written letter will increase the chances of gaining a new customer. But how to make sure that you make a correctly written letter? That’s right, a template with an attractive theme is a great idea. Invitation to the meeting, notification of payment, an invitation for training, the announcement of upcoming events.

When working with the email templates, you will be able to save time on making letters. You can pay more attention to detail in personal communication. Two seconds and your client receives a personal letter, which is carefully thought out and doesn’t go against the general strategy of your company. A template made by a professional hand reduces the time spent and excludes the possibility of making typical mistakes. So, I’ve compiled a selection of business letters to customers, which you can take as a basis. You will only have to add your own details.

1. New Year Email Newsletter Template

Email Templates

Details | Demo

Are you looking for a beautiful letter template to greet customers on New Year’s Eve? Try our new template with a conventional structure. The main categories of holiday sales you can place on top for easy navigation. The call-to-action buttons are eye-catching due to the contrast of red and white. You can change the design of the template as you wish. Start creating a mailing list for New Year sales right now! Look what a bright template our team has created for the eve of New Year! This holiday is a great chance to show subscribers that you care about them. And, of course, to increase sales. The contrast of red and white will help make your every offer and discount noticeable. Change the text color and font size as you like. Don’t miss the chance to remind customers about your brand on this special day.

2. Responsive Marketing Newsletter Template

Email Templates

Details | Demo

This template has a stunning design. It’s laconic, simple, and catchy. It’s able to attract the attention of subscribers after a few seconds and make them interested in the activities of your company. It doesn’t look like other email templates. This is an almost ready solution for hundreds of emails. This letter template can be used as a welcome letter for new subscribers and regular emails. With it, you can tell about your company and attract attention. And tell about the services that you provide. Also, you can place links to blog entries and use a large number of elements with a call to action. Don’t forget to add a block for feedback and contact information.

3. TopShop Responsive Email Newsletter Template

TopShop - Responsive Email Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This is another great template for letters and mailings for an online store sphere. For your potential customers, it will create a sense of being on your site. In it, everything is decorated in a modern way. The layout design is immaculate. There is a large number of icons and standard blocks for posting useful information. The gallery block is worth noting separately because with it you can attract even more attention to your service. At the end of the letter, you can add social network icons with links to your profiles. The template is compatible with many common email services and newsletter plugins. It supports the ability to perform an advertising campaign. It also has an adaptive design, so the letters are well readable on mobile devices.

4. Century Email Newsletter Template

Century Email Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This fantastic corporate mailing template supports MailChimp and StampReady services. As well as a number of the most common email clients, including Outlook and Thunderbird. It has a bright and responsive design and supports working with any mobile devices and Gmail application. A special designer with a drag & drop interface is built right into the template. This will allow you to easily change the standard form of the sales letter or create a new one. The design provides a lot of stylish blocks, buttons, and elements with a call to action. The decoration is laconic and clean. There are blocks for services, goods and prices, with interactive visual components. This email template will help you carry out very effective advertising campaigns, so be sure to evaluate it.

5. Tego: Responsive Email Template

Tego - Responsive Email Template Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This is a multitasking email template that will allow you to implement successful campaigns for promotion of your business. The template has a bright and stylish design. It supports the drag & drop interface constructor, which makes it easy to add any ready-made blocks. You will be able to create emails in just a few minutes and with great pleasure. This email template works with all modern browsers. It is also compatible with MailChimp. The template has very convenient and understandable instructions. And full free support from the developer, thanks to which you will feel more confident.

6. Travel Responsive Newsletter Template

Travel - Responsive Email Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This is a modern email template to attract customers’ attention to the hottest tours and offers of your travel agency. Here you can talk about your company and attract subscribers to your services. There are many beautiful blocks, including for the gallery, reviews, and the presentation of the work you do. This is an excellent solution which is ideal for a travel agency. Increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and alongside with it the number of real clients.

7. Yoda Email Creator Of StampReady Templates

Yoda Email Creator for Stampready Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Yoda is a set of email template along with an online builder. Suitable for any business: design agency, bakery, online store, restaurant, mobile application site, and a toy or cloth store. The package includes content for MailChimp and StampReady. As a background, you can set any image. For registration, there are dozens of graphic elements, including various styles of caps, different variants of the section “About Us”, and “Our Services”. If necessary, you can save the template and edit it later. The template is tested for work with all the primary clients.

8. Passion HTML5 Email Template (includes Online Builder)

Passion HTML Email + Online Builder Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

A Passion template for newsletters with a clean design is suitable for any needs. The template is compatible with MailChimp and many other tools. For writing letters, there is an included builder with lots of different modules. A set of unique icons is available with the ability to edit their parameters. Background images are supported in all email clients (except MS Outlook), which can’t be said about many other similar templates. Letters will look great on any devices. By using the template, you can create a high-quality newsletter that will increase your sales and promote your business.

9. Christmas Newsletter Template

Christmas - Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This template is designed to promote the services and products of the online holiday stores (for example, a gift store). Letters are easy to create with the help of the StampReady builder and available modules that will help you organize an ideal mailing to attract potential customers. You can add any background images to it. The template supports all MailChimp functions. It works with major email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Gmail.

10. Wave: Responsive Newsletter Template (includes StampReady Builder)

Wave - StampReady Builder + Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This template has a page builder that will help you to create a unique design for your letters. You can change colors, instantly edit text, and undo/redo past operations. Background images can be downloaded from a computer or added as a link from another site. Preview mode is supported. If you want to simplify your work, use one of the ready-made layouts. All of them are checked for correct work with the StampReady tool. The template supports MailChimp and working with social media.

11. Conference Newsletter Template

Conference - Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This template is a universal solution for any business. The builder from the PennyBlackTemplates development team with a convenient drag-and-drop interface supports lots of unique modules. With them, you can create a unique template for effective mailing. The template also includes ready-made blocks and supports any background images. Compatible with the leading email marketing services like MailChimp. Like other email templates presented here, this one has free support.

12. Baleen Responsive Newsletter Template

Baleen - Responsive email template Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

It supports the function of saving and then editing the template. You can select any color for the adjustment. The generated template can be saved in HTML5 or MailChimp formats. You can use the ready-made mockups created by the developers. The template is responsive, so your business and mailing letters will be convenient to read on screens of any size. Optimized CSS3 code. The template supports work with MailChimp, iContact, and others. Confidently works with all major email programs.

13. BigSale Newsletter Template

BigSale Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

BigSale supports ready-made layouts in various formats, from which you can choose the most suitable as a basis and customize it to your requirements. StampReady builder is supported with the function of saving and editing after a while. To create manual layouts, many different modules are available. An HTML5 version is available for thorough editing. Like other email templates, this one can work with MailChimp. It also has a responsive design, so that your letters look good on any devices. Constant updates are available. In the kit, there are instructions for using and customizing the template.

14. Multipurpose Shopping Newsletter Template

Shopping - Multipurpose Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

With such templates as this one, all your emails will look equally good on both the smartphones and the PCs. Using this solution, you can create and edit email letters according to your requirements. There is a vast number of colors that are best chosen in accordance with your official corporate style. Before you save the changes, be sure to register on our official website. The template has been tested for compatibility with MailChimp and StampReady services. For each of them, the kit also has a separate file. The template also supports working with all the main email clients.

15. Multipurpose Construction Newsletter Template

Construction - Multipurpose Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This is a template for newsletters, which can be downloaded and configured very fast. It includes ready-made layouts and unique modules that will help you a lot. For any letter items, you can choose any colors. Buttons can be hidden or shown; just choose the same color for them as for the other objects. Images can be uploaded directly to the template or inserted from a link or a cloud. The finished template can be saved to the computer as an HTML5 file, MailChimp format, or downloaded directly to the MailChimp mailing service. If necessary, you can edit it later.

16. APP: Multipurpose Newsletter Template

APP - Multipurpose Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Create a unique email template using the included StampReady builder. You will need to select the modules by placing them in suitable locations using the drag & drop interface. The template can be customized using any colors, but we recommend that you adhere to the corporate style of your company. The template supports working with StampReady and MailChimp mailing services. In addition to the HTML5 version, there is a file for each of the supported services. The template works with various devices based on iOS and Android, as well as with various email clients.

17. Classic Responsive Newsletter Template

Classic - Responsive Email Template Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Like other email templates in this review, Classic has a responsive design. With it, your letters will look equally beautiful when adjusting to any size of the screen or browser. The template code is written very qualitatively and cleanly, so the letters will also be loaded quickly. In the complete set, there are files for StampReady, MailChimp, and HTML5 and PSD. To create newsletters, you can use the online template designer. Included modules can be hidden if desired. The template supports all the main email clients. It can be used for multiple purposes.

18. Wine Responsive Newsletter Template

Wine Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Wine includes ready-made email templates for making mailing lists. Each of them has a high-quality and professional design. Large companies or small bars can use the template. With it, it’s easy to introduce a new product of an online store. In the kit, there are ready-made layouts, each of which uses a high-quality HTML5 code with comments. There are versions in the formats of HTML5, PSD, MailChimp, and StampReady. The template can be edited through the online StampReady constructor. In it, you can change the text, colors, and other parameters of the template. When buying the Wine template, you get free lifelong support and updates.

19. Gas & Oil Responsive Newsletter Template

Gas & Oil Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This is an ideal email template for conducting serious marketing campaigns. With it, you can expand the base of your customers and increase sales. The template is specially adapted for sending commercial offers. To do this, it includes attractive banners in PSD format with the ability to change the image in one click. The online designer will allow you to create a newsletter using ready-made header and footer styles. It will also allow you to customize text and colors and add or change images in real time. The template also supports working with all the main email clients.

20. Black Friday Email Template

Black Friday - Email Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Want to surprise and please your customers on Black Friday? Look at our new charming newsletter template for this day. A stylish background will help attract customers’ attention to exclusive offers and discounts. Gift boxes will intrigue and cause the desire to unpack the gift as soon as possible. Start creating a mailing list for Black Friday right now. This holiday is a great chance to show subscribers that you care about them and, of course, to increase sales. The template will help make each of your offers and discounts noticeable. Change the text color, font, and size as you like. Don’t miss the chance to remind customers about your brand on this special day!


More Premium Templates

Email templates are an indispensable tool for online marketing, which is useful for both small and large companies. These simple solutions will help you to achieve serious business results and improve the efficiency of your marketing strategy by several times. Email marketing is one of the most common and effective ways of advertising, focused on attracting new and retaining existing customers. In terms of economic effect, email marketing on average will bring you around $2-3 for each dollar invested. One of the main advantages of email marketing is relatively low costs, the ability to collect a contact database, track statistics, and analyze the results of an advertising campaign. Consequently, the possibility of making changes to the promotion strategy.

The effectiveness of email newsletters has been tested by many companies. Increased sales, customer loyalty to the brand and products, all this is necessary for any business. The main thing is to approach the issue professionally so that after reading the letter the users would have a good impression and a desire to buy something from you or go to your site. For people to read the contents of your letters, you need to take care of their external design. Agree, if the letter will consist of only plain text, it will be unprofessional. Uninteresting and boring. Such a letter won’t be remembered and will be ineffective.

Without a beautiful letter design, its effectiveness falls by more than 50%. The fact is that the design and the text should be in harmony. They complement each other and lead to superb results. Think about everything to the last detail. After all, every letter should be special, pursuing its own goals. It should display a company logo, there must be quick links to the site and contact information. The basic information must be given in a motivating style with interesting headings. In such letters, you can show your products, give information on discounts, or simply report the latest news.

To simplify the implementation email marketing strategies, there are ready-made premium email templates with which you easily organize newsletters and increase your performance.

21. Design Studio Newsletter Template

Design Studio Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Premium template for newsletter in HTML5 format. The template is well-formed, the design style CSS3 is embedded in the body of the document, which ensures correct display of content in most email programs and services. This adaptive template is made in a minimalist style. The template is compatible with many online editing tools so that you can change the text and pictures without having to use a program. The finished letter can be exported to HTML5 and then imported into any service for sending emails, for example, MailChimp.

22. Web Design Newsletter Template

Web Design Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

A bright and rich template for a web design studio. Especially suitable for sales discounts. And although the design is offered in one version, there are many options for using it. You can choose one of the various variations of the layout of the body of the letter. Many different variants are available; there’s a lot to choose from.

23. Design Studio Responsive Template

Design Studio Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This template is suitable for design businesses who need to send emails. The product list can be displayed in a minimalist style. Although, this email template is built in a fancy style. The way of usage can be chosen at your discretion. It considers all the rules for creating a mailing list. It’s suitable for a creative studio, a design agency, a workshop, or a company selling interior and home textiles. Download the template right now and use it to write letters to your customers.

24. Video Lab Newsletter Template

Video Lab Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

A responsive template for emails, designed using vivid colors and HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. It’s designed using clean layout. This template is number one in its segment thanks to an exciting design that can be adapted for any electronic mailing software. The template is designed using soothing colors and images. This customizable email template is also adaptive for browsers and devices.

25. Cafe And Restaurant Newsletter Template

Cafe and Restaurant Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Do you own a restaurant or a cafe? If you actively use email marketing in your business, then we offer you an interesting letter template. It’s well-structured since it has many information blocks. Use them for menus, promotions, and competitions. The call-to-action buttons are vividly highlighted in the background of the letter, and your delicious suggestions will not leave anyone indifferent. Fill the template with content, upload photos of dishes, and fill in information about your institution.

26. Hotel Newsletter Template

Hotels Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Do you have a hotel business? Then we can help you with your email marketing. We have developed this informative template so that you can share the news with the subscribers about the best rooms, available rooms, and special offers. Also, you can add customer reviews about your hotel. Fill the template with content, bright photos, and contact information. Edit the design and proceed.

27. Real Estate Newsletter Template

Real Estate Agency Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Do you sell real estate? Then we have something to offer you. See what functional template we have developed specifically for this area. It has blocks for news, offers, and even advertising. You only need to fill in the template with content and change the design to your taste.

28. Taxi Responsive Newsletter Template

axi Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

A template for sending emails from the category of transportation, developed in a catchy style. This template is designed using HTML5 and CSS3 to respond and adapt to screen resolution of various devices and to support different email clients. This cool newsletter template has the design best in its class and will suit your business in this category. Download the template and share with clients the novelties of your company.

29. Responsive Business Template

Business Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

If your subscribers are tired of monotonous letters with a standard approach, it’s time to try something new. Raise the mood of your readers and send the newsletter using this template. It’s creative, cheerful, and bright. You need to add your catchy big headlines, unique text, links to social networking, buttons, and contacts. The letter is ready to be sent!

30. City Portal Newsletter Template

City Portal Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This template is designed for news portals, online entertainment publications, and blogs. It consists of various blocks, which you should fill with your content. There’s a photo in each block, which you need to change to your own. For call-to-action buttons, choose valid names. In newsletters, the following calls to action are usually used: “Read more”, “Read the full article”, and so on.

31. Business Newsletter Template

Business Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This is a template with an adaptive design for emailing using a powerful duo: HTML5 and CSS3. It has a clean layout with the right settings; it’s an entirely professional email template for any business. Suitable for mailings from law firms, real estate agencies, economic departments, and accounts departments. This template is designed using HTML5 and CSS3 and will look good in any email clients and on different devices. Download the template for email sending for your business right now!

32. Hotel Newsletter Template

Hotels Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

This template for email has terrific quality and an elegant style of decoration. This template is suitable for mailings from any hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, food deliveries, etc. The list of products can be displayed using simple functions of this HTML5 template with the provided menus, prices, and photos of new products. This web template can be customized according to the user’s requirements. It’s designed in calm colors and has a restrained design. This template is developed using HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with browsers and various devices.

33. Travel Agency Newsletter Template

Travel Agency Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Tourist email template with fantastic quality. This template is for any travel company, such as travel planners, online travel reservations, etc. This web template is built in the bright style, and it can be customized according to the user’s requirements. This template is developed using HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with all browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Download and have fun!

34. Sushi Bar Newsletter Template

Sushi Bar Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Sushi Bar is a multifunctional email template designed in a professional and elegant style that is created specifically for restaurants or any sites related to food. Using this elegant and creatively designed email template you can inform your customers, partners, or your subscribers about your latest promotions, new products, or services. And also, the template helps in communication with customers, partners, or friends. This modern and elegant template can also be used to increase brand awareness and conversion rate of advertising. This email template ultimately converts recipients into subscribers and customers. It is 100% cross-browser compatible, well-displayed on all screen sizes and devices. It’s entirely built on HTML5 and CSS3.

35. Game Portal Responsive Template

Game Portal Responsive Newsletter Template

Details | Demo

Game Portal email template will help to create a full-fledged newsletter from your online gaming store. If the purpose of the letter is to raise sales, then you can do without even replacing the main image. It has everything you need. With this template, you can easily and quickly prepare an announcement of stock replenishment. Add photos of the items you need to attract attention to, and the newsletter is ready.

Template installation

So, these were the top email templates for 2019. Here you can find 198+ more cool templates. Quality newsletter starts with quality design, which is available only in premium email templates.


Email is one of the most useful Internet marketing tools that are used in both small and large businesses. Emails are sent as notifications about the order made in the online store. Visitors to the site subscribe to the newsletters using their emails. The email is also used to send out promotional offers. On the design of emails depends their effectiveness and image of your company. Have you noticed how beautiful the letters sent by steep companies and organizations look? We can skip other letters, but it’s an entirely different story with qualitatively designed ones. After opening a letter, the recipient wants to read it immediately. For your customers to have a similar situation with your letters, mailing templates will help you. When buying a premium template for email distribution, you get a powerful email marketing template with a high-quality design which you can optionally customize at your own discretion.

TOP 35 HTML Email Templates to Choose in 2019

Template NameTheme ProviderTemplate CategoryPrice
New Year Email Newsletter TemplatefourdinosBusiness & Services$15
Marketing - Responsive Newsletter TemplatePennyBlackTemplatesMarketing Agency Templates$17
TopShop - Responsive Email Newsletter TemplateevethemesFashion Templates$17
Century Email Newsletter TemplateMuklasAnimals & Pets$17
Tego - Responsive Email Template Newsletter TemplatePennyBlackTemplatesEmail Services Templates$14
Travel - Responsive Email Newsletter TemplatePennyBlackTemplatesTravel Templates$17
Yoda Email Creator for Stampready Newsletter TemplateTeamPrestaWeb Design Templates$17
Passion HTML Email + Online Builder Newsletter TemplateDynamicXXEmail Services Templates$19
Christmas - Responsive Newsletter TemplatePennyBlackTemplatesFashion Templates$15
Wave - StampReady Builder + Responsive Newsletter TemplateedrdesignerIT Templates$14
Conference - Responsive Newsletter TemplatePennyBlackTemplatesConsulting Templates$15
Baleen - Responsive email template Newsletter TemplateQuickArtisanMarketing Agency Templates$14
BigSale Newsletter TemplateevethemesBeauty Templates$17
Shopping - Multipurpose Responsive Newsletter TemplatefourdinosBusiness & Services$15
Construction - Multipurpose Responsive Newsletter TemplatefourdinosReal Estate Templates$15
APP - Multipurpose Responsive Newsletter TemplatefourdinosInternet Templates$15
Classic - Responsive Email Template Newsletter TemplatePennyBlackTemplatesEmail Services Templates$21
Wine Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTWine Templates$14
Gas & Oil Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTGas & Oil Templates$14
Black Friday - Email Newsletter TemplatefourdinosFashion & Beauty$14
Design Studio Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTDesign Studio Templates$14
Web Design Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTWeb Design Templates$14
Design Studio Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTDesign Studio Templates$14
Video Lab Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTVideo Lab Templates$14
Cafe and Restaurant Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTCafe and Restaurant Templates$14
Hotels Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTHotels Templates$14
Real Estate Agency Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTReal Estate Agency Templates$14
Taxi Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTTaxi Templates$14
Business Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTBusiness & Services$14
City Portal Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTCity Portal Templates$14
Business Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTBusiness & Services$14
Hotels Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTHotels Templates$14
Travel Agency Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTTravel Agency Templates$14
Sushi Bar Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTSushi Bar Templates$14
Game Portal Responsive Newsletter TemplateWTGame Portal Templates$14

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