Represent Growth, Peace and Nature with a Tree Illustration

Nov 05, 2019

Illustrations are a visual way to depict or illustrate a written text. They explain an idea, tell a story, or provide decoration. They come in many forms, both traditional and digital. You can observe various illustrations in posters, flyers, websites, books, magazines, animations, video games and films. In the digital space of websites and mobile applications, you will often find illustrations created both by hand (for example, using a digital tablet) and with vector graphics (using colors and shapes that imitate the illustrative style).

Illustrations have the unique freedom to exist without words, and at the same time, they have the ability to convey ideas through their vivid narrative. The use of an illustration gives your digital product extra awesomeness.


Many creative people derive their inspiration from nature. Nature designs are everywhere—from websites and posters to interior design. No matter what season we are in, colorful trees or tree silhouettes are popular for designs throughout the entire year.

How and When to Use Tree Illustrations

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.

Khalil Gibran

Photography is currently used to add realism to projects. An illustration of drawing is more suited to narrowly focused projects, and they are subconsciously associated with action, cartoons, and fun.


A tree is a subject of interest and a topic of discussion, and it is quite evident that it is a symbol of life, growth, and peace. A tree illustration plays the role of a decorative element (whose task is to decorate and diversify the design) and an informative element (represents some information in a convenient and easy to understand form). In the ideal case, it should perform both functions at the same time.


This type of illustration will be a perfect solution for a number of projects, for example, logos and branding, fabric and apparel design, patterns, packaging, stationery, etc.


If you love trees and nature, using a tree illustration in your project is a great idea. Learn a few tips on how to do this properly.

  1. Minimalism. Minimalism is a never-ending style of modern design. It is laconic, aesthetically attractive and suitable for many projects. There are plenty of gorgeous minimalism style illustrations that will decorate any project.
  2. Creating an emotional connection. Each illustration is created to attract the attention of the viewer and make an emotional connection with them. So why not use a tree illustration for this purpose? If you feel that the design is somehow bland and boring, you can add emotions to it. Just one right illustration will turn the boring content into alive and interesting content.
  3. Understatement in illustrations. An illustration can easily convey something unreal or fantastic and awaken the imagination of the viewer. The understatement in the illustration gives it an extraordinary appeal.
  4. Bright colors. The bright illustration can be made in any style—from minimalism to pop art. Catchy colors and visual accents are a great way to diversify boring design. The main thing is that colors should be organically combined with other content and overall design.
  5. Retro power. Nostalgia is a strong feeling that every person experiences. Modern retro is a separate genre that looks very good in the design of websites and mobile applications. Playing with nostalgic feelings, the designer has every chance to attract the attention of the viewer to their project.

Users interact with dozens of products every day but remember only those that are pleasant to use. And if they find a product the like, there is a good chance they will stay loyal to it. Now you have a better idea of how, when, and where you can use a tree illustration.

How to Create Tree Illustrations

It is important to create high-quality digital illustrations that will satisfy any sophisticated viewer. This activity requires constant attention and time.


Here are the most popular methods to try.



The main advantage of this method is that it is a perfect choice for those who cannot boast of great drawing skills. The principle of such an illustration is as follows: the original photo serves as the basis for the drawing until the artist feels comfortable enough to continue working without it.

🌳🌳🌳Bare tree - Adobe Illustrator cs6 tutorial. Quick and easy way how to draw black silhouette tree

Get acquainted with a quick and easy way of how to draw a silhouette naked tree for winter or a Halloween composition. Adobe Illustrator is the perfect tool for creating vector graphics. It offers huge opportunities for everyone to create icons, drawings, graphics, infographics, the basics for video or animation, and much more.

How to develop your own unique style of drawing

  1. Decide on what illustration you are creating. In our case, it is a tree illustration—palm tree illustration, Christmas tree illustration, oak tree illustration, pine tree illustration, etc.
  2. Take a closer look at the works of your favorite artists. Get some inspiration and try to copy their style in a couple of sketches. If you like the way someone draws trees, then there is nothing wrong with creating a similar tree illustration. However, it is important not to copy someone's style.
  3. Perfection is born in practice. It is exhausting, but to become a good illustrator, you need practice.

Do not be afraid to practice to create a beautiful tree illustration that will deliver the correct message and make interactions easier and clearer.


If you are looking for outstanding design and want to save your time, I would suggest you pay attention to the ready-made illustrations. Crafted by the best specialists, these beautiful illustrations will not only make the design interesting but also inspire users to interact with the site. Here are a few examples below.

Palm Tree PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Palm Tree PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Palm Tree comes with a set of 86 files and is a perfect choice for DIY, wedding invitations, greeting cards, quotes, blogs, posters, and more.


Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

This botanical illustration is great to be used for background, texture, pattern, frame or borders. It is fully adjustable and ready to be printed on anything.


Landscape Identity And Illustrations Illustrations Bundle

Landscape Identity And Illustrations Illustrations Bundle

Do not hesitate to use this set of natural illustrations of graphics trees with your corporate identity elements, such as business cards, logos, etc. This package is ideal for eco and bioproducts, labels, packaging design, yoga centers, and more.

Tree Background Illustrations

If you are still looking for the perfect botanical background that will make your project complete and creative, you will have a number of options available. Master your skills with the help of numerous tutorials on how to make a tree background in Adobe Illustrator.


Moreover, a beautiful collection of custom tree background illustrations are available for all kinds of projects.


Trees with Leaves on White Background

Autumn Fall Leaves Photo Background

Swing Digital Background

Winter Tree Illustrations

People have quite a contradictory attitude toward winter. Someone frankly dislikes this time of year because of its frosts and cold winds, while others are looking forward to this beautiful season to enjoy forests, trees, quiet calm, and a serene atmosphere. Winter tree illustrations will create the desired atmosphere to feel all the magic that nature gives us in winter.


Winter Tree Illustration

Snowy Forest 

Birch Tree Illustration

Tree Logo Illustrations

Trees symbolize development and fertility. Tree branches are associated with diversity and unity. In some religions, it is a symbol of the universe. Quite often, the tree is used as the embodiment of all nature as a whole. It does not matter if you are using a vintage tree illustration, apple tree illustration, tree branch illustration or olive tree illustration.


The tree logo is found in the branding of various commercial enterprises and charity foundations. Most often, they are used on the logo of environmental organizations, but in light of recent trends, trees often become symbols of commercial organizations engaged in eco-technologies. The emblem with the plant is also used by tour companies specializing in green tourism or outdoor recreation.


Tea Emblem Set

The Shoe Tree 

Bubble Tree

Christmas Tree Illustrations

Christmas tree is an indispensable part of the most important winter holiday. It is difficult for all of us to imagine this festive time without a green beauty. Decorated with garlands, glass and plastic toys, beads, tinsel, candles, and sweets, on the street or at home, the Christmas tree has been a symbol of Christmas and the New Year for many centuries. Christmas tree illustrations will add a festive holiday mood and winter coziness to any project you are working on.


Christmas Tree

Watercolor Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Illustration 

Tree Illustration Vectors

Vector art and graphics are used in various fields, starting with the layouts of advertising banners and ending with schemes for space and electronics industries. In contrast to raster graphics, an image is described by a set of mathematical formulas and consists of a set of vector segments. Almost everyone can master vector illustration nowadays. If you are more interested in ready-made tree illustration vectors, here you can see a few examples.


Forest Illustration

Tree Branches

Tree of Life

Tree Illustration Inspiration & Freebies

Every person of any creative profession needs something to stay inspired. Enjoy tree illustrations and produce the most eye-catching visual interpretations of ideas and concepts in their unique, signature styles.


Owl Tree

Valentine Tree

Cute Trees Pack

Trees with Roots

Decorative Seasonal Tree Vectors

Olive Tree PNG Watercolor Illustrations Bundle

Olive Tree PNG Watercolor Illustrations Bundle

Pink Copse

Pink Cherry Blossom Tree

Landscape Art


Whenever you surf the Internet, you can see that illustrations are used in various designs. They take on the role of a universal tool through which information is delivered in a beautiful visual form.


If you love trees and nature design, I am sure you have grabbed some inspiration. Go ahead and browse the examples provided and experiment with unique and beautiful tree illustrations. Due to the variety in the choice of techniques, styles, and approaches, there is a very wide range of possible implementations of tree illustrations. The illustrations can turn a product into something really unique, powerful and creative.

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