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This is great template for wide usage. I used it for my client which has cleaning service in my country. This is really great job. Ultra future design for all service, it can be use for anything where you provide services. For good are bettery another templates. It is based for Open Source CMS (Content Manage System) Drupal, whi is little hard for manage content. But some template are same design for drupal and WordPress.
Great template for Drupal, I am satisfied with the purchase. A template saves you lots of time as you do not need to start developing a website from scratch. It is compatible with Drupal 7, I will keep an eye for an upgraded version compatible with Drupal 8.
The three most important factors was the responsive design, color theme and that it was a Drupal template. Also nice images and included modules (especially the views isotope!). Im a web developer, used to make my own templates but the price on this template is a bargain compared to my own time. The template is going to be used for a client. The installation wasnt that straight forward, although the documentation was very good and helped a lot. Im very satisfied with this template and I highly recommend TemplateMonster!



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