WT-News 新闻和杂志 Joomla5 Joomla 4 和 Joomla 3 模板

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Created: 2017年8月10日

Updated: 2024年2月20日

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WT-News 新闻和杂志 Joomla5 Joomla 4 和 Joomla 3 模板 - Features Image 1WT-News 新闻和杂志 Joomla5 Joomla 4 和 Joomla 3 模板 - Features Image 2WT-News 新闻和杂志 Joomla5 Joomla 4 和 Joomla 3 模板 - Features Image 3

Wt News 是一个响应式且专业的 Joomla 新闻和杂志模板。 Wt News 支持宽版和盒装版式。它是使用最新技术创建的:Bootstrap 3、Awesome Google Font、LESS、CSS3 和 HTML5,使其更加强大和灵活。该模板基于 T3-Framework,具有完全响应式设计。这意味着它适合任何设备(台式机、平板电脑和智能手机)。 Wt News 是内容丰富的杂志和新闻网站的完美解决方案。

Wt News 附带高度可定制的 T3 框架,为主题提供了高度灵活性,例如您可以轻松更改皮肤,或定义自己的样式、字体等。


  • 兼容所有版本的 Joomla(包括 Joomla 5.x-4.x 和 3.x)
  • 完全响应式设计
  • 采用T3框架,使用简单,功能强大,灵活
  • 12 种预设颜色样式以及使用 T3 框架的 ThemeMagic 功能创建您自己的样式的选项
  • 3 种背景类型选项(固定图像、图案和纯色)
  • 5 种超级菜单样式(淡入淡出、缩放、滑动、弹性等)
  • 多种模块位置和多种组合,具有 T3 灵活性
  • 2 主页变化
  • 6 种Google 字体(Oswald、Rajdhani、PT Sans、Lato、Open Sans、Source Sans Pro)
  • 粘性标题
  • 全宽和盒装宽度布局
  • 画布外侧边栏
  • Bootstrap 3和 Font Awesome
  • 视频和视频库扩展
  • 带有虚拟数据的快速入门包
  • Flickr照片流
  • 最多3 列布局
  • 谷歌地图-联系页面
  • 多页面布局组合
  • 自定义模块变化
  • 新闻 Pro GK5 模块
  • 天气扩展
  • 订阅邮件列表
  • 图片或文字标志
  • 无限的背景颜色和组合
  • 易于使用的404页面
  • 广泛的 T3 排版
  • Joomla 模板覆盖 T3 和扩展的包含文档
  • 社交分享插件


29/05/2024 Joomla 4-5 Version, T3 plugin and Akeeba updated 21/02/2024 Joomla 4-5 Version updated user reported navigation arrow bug fixed. 16/02/2024 Joomla 4-5 Version, Akeeba updated 16/12/2023 Joomla 4-5 Version, News Pro GK5, Akeeba updated 26/10/2023 Joomla 5 Compatible Version added 22/10/2023 Joomla 4 Version, AcyMailing updated 17/10/2023 Joomla 4 Version, News Pro GK5, Akeeba, FastSocial Share and JT Content Slider updated Changelog: 03/07/2023 Description Edited as Compatible with all versions of Joomla (including Joomla 4.x and 3.x ) 21/06/2023 Joomla 4 Version, News Pro GK5, Akeeba and AcyMailing updated 03/05/2023 User reported frontend bug related to creating article fixed. Joomla 4 version, T3 plugin and Acy Mailing Updated 02/04/2023 Joomla 4 Version, News Pro GK5 and AcyMailing updated 21/02/2023 Joomla 4 Version, SPSimplePortfolio, T3 Framework and AcyMailing updated 02/11/2022 Joomla 4 Version, Joomla 3 Version, Fast Social Share, SPSimplePortfolio and AcyMailing updated 29/05/2022 Joomla 4 Version added, Joomla 3 Version and AcyMailing updated 09/03/2022 Joomla Version updated User Reported minor bug fixed 13/11/2021 Joomla Version,T Framework, AcyMailing , News Pro GK5 updated 15/09/2021 Joomla Version,T Framework, News Pro GK5 updated 25/04/2021 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.26, AcyMailing Updated 06/03/2021 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.25, AcyMailing Updated 13/01/2021 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.24, AcyMailing Updated 30/11/2020 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.23 AcyMailing Updated 10/10/2020 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.22 26/08/2020 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.21 17/07/2020 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.20 04/06/2020 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.19 - Minor bug fixed 15/03/2020 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.16 31/01/2020 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.15 News Pro GK5 Updated Fastsocialshare Plugin Updated 07/11/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.13 - T3 plugin updated 25/09/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.12 23/08/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.11 11/07/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.10 05/07/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.8 Fastsocialshare Plugin Updated 20/05/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.6 News Pro GK5 Updated Fastsocialshare Plugin Updated 11/04/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.5 20/03/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.4 T3 plugin updated 15/01/19 Joomla Version updated to 3.9.2 News Pro GK5 Updated Highlighter GK5 Updated Fastsocialshare Plugin Updated 21/11/18 Joomla Version updated to 3,9.0 T3 Plugin updated 2.7.3 Version Chronoforms Updated

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I was looking for a good template for news and flow of topics for a client.The site had a lot of whitespace around the content which made place to add banners which makes the site nice to watch and navigate.Generally, you get an excellent template for news and flow of topics.
Thanks for review
Questo template è l'ideale per siti di tipo giornalistico o informativo. L'ho usato per presentare un blog di informazioni gratuite a diversi tipi di utenti. I colori sono ben curati e lo stile netto e impostato consente una lettura chiara di tutte le sezioni. Lo consiglio vivamente a chi voglia mettere su una testata informativa di qualsiasi settore sia. Interessante è la possibilità di contenere in riquadri intercambiali e multicolonne in pochi minuti. Davvero complementi agli autori.
Dear Leonardo Software Srl, Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that the WTNews Joomla template has been ideal for your informational blog. Your positive feedback on the design, color scheme, and readability is greatly appreciated. We're especially glad to know that you found the interchangeable and multi-column box feature useful. Our team worked hard to ensure the template is versatile and user-friendly for all types of informational websites. Your recommendation means a lot to us, and it motivates us to continue delivering high-quality templates. If you have any suggestions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you once again for your kind words and support! Best regards, JoomlaTema
Very nice template and very good support.It' a modern templte and i use for education customer
Thankyou very much Ananias
top site, zit zo veel in, soms wat traag, maar verder zit er alles in wat ik nodig heb!

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