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Authors assistance: product what I wanted. not sure on ease of use as havent used yet. as far as authors assistance is concerned - once they attended to my concerns [as in missing files, pages and images in downloaded template] I could not fault them. i asked for them to attend to it urgently which they did without hesitation. my only wish would be that we as buyers do not know in what country the author(s) reside, so if they have a festival or national holiday then an autoresponder stating such would be excellent. this would negate the wasted time and frustration of having to wait for a response. TM: did the self install and thought I did something wrong when template was incomplete. when asking support for help re the missing files I was bounced around like a ping pong ball from one agent to the other. having to repeat my concerns each time.. asked TM for help but all I got was the option to pay for them to install. so fair enough, me not being 100% experienced with this did just that. lol. it turned out the 10 minute install [thats the time it took me] took all day - apparently. shopify servers were down... to be fair I got sent a screen shot of the outage notification. so 24 hours later still no install. questioned as to why it not done. got told shopify down....mmm- all night. dont think so. so tried again next day or so. got a message it was done. had a look at my site!!. it looked exactly the same as when I did it myself...missing files and all. my project manager had a look at the site and seemed to think thats how it should be - yet one of the service people checked for me and told me my site will look EXACTLY like the demo. he did try and figure it out but came to the conclusion that the author needed to be contacted. cant really seem to justify the install fee though...

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