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Mobile shopping is much loved by people now. So, if you want to create an online store that will bring you lots of sales, it’s vital to think about different kinds of shoppers. It is essential to satisfy the needs and expectations of those who buy products via desktop computers and those who prefer using mobile devices to make purchases. With responsive Shopify themes by TemplateMonster, you will get an incredible online store that will adjust to different devices.

Features of Responsive Shopify Themes - Brief Overview

The best Shopify themes for mobile devices have different outstanding features that can attract you. Explore the merits of our Shopify responsive designs.

Niche-Specific Impressive Designs

Our extensive collection of Shopify responsive themes can satisfy various businesses. It doesn’t matter what you deal with, as we have numerous Shopify themes for different business niches. Thus, you can choose any Shopify responsive theme to your liking. So, you can choose from various fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, etc. themes. Moreover, you can opt for a multipurpose theme that will be suitable for different stores. We have created a multitude of Shopify themes responsive designs that meet the needs of various businesses.

Our themes include numerous pre-made pages that will help you to build your online store quickly. Firstly, our responsive themes let you make an attractive homepage that will present your store. Secondly, you’ll get incredible product pages with a responsive theme Shopify. These pages will allow you to add information conveniently and quickly.

You can see multiple examples of niche-oriented Shopify responsive themes, such as:

Fashion Shopify Themes

Medical Healthcare Shopify Themes

Food and Restaurants Shopify Themes

Electronics Shopify Themes

Home and Family Shopify Themes

Convenient Visual Builder of Responsive Shopify Themes

The best Shopify themes for mobile devices should also be understandable to the person who will create an online store. Thus, our professional developers and designers have included an intuitive visual builder in the theme.

Using the clear admin panel, you will be able to change the layouts of your store. Moreover, it will be possible to add or remove any necessary sections. Additionally, you can check the look of your online store with a visual builder easily. So, if you don’t like the look that you get with Shopify theme responsive design, you can change it yourself. You can re-order various elements and make sure that everything looks perfect for the users of mobile devices.

Extensive Customization Options

It is crucial to have a website that is different from other similar stores. Thus, to make sure that you will outshine your competitors, each best Shopify theme for mobile devices by TemplateMonster has various customization options.

First, you can adjust the background of your online store. With different background options of the responsive theme Shopify store, you can either choose from presets or create your color schemes. Second, you can modify the typography of your online store. Actually, the fonts that you use on your site influence the perception and the impression of visitors. To achieve the best result of your Shopify mobile store, you can choose the most appropriate and legible fonts.

Create Mobile-Friendly Store with Responsive Shopify Themes

Responsive Shopify templates by TemplateMonster are designed to ensure the best functionality of your online store both on desktop computers and mobile devices. Follow the tips below and launch your online store fast.

Arrange Catalogs and Collections

People come to online stores to find specific products. So, well-planned and carefully-organized catalogs will help customers to find the necessary items. You have to think about the thorough arranging of your products into categories and collections. Notably, this is crucial for clients browsing online stores via mobile devices. If the categories are too big or ineffectively organized, customers won’t feel comfortable. Thus, they may quit the store quickly, and you will lose traffic. With the Shopify responsive themes, you will find it simple to create product catalogs and collections. Moreover, the responsive design will facilitate navigation for users.

Use Sliders and Carousels of Responsive Shopify Themes

When creating an online store compatible with mobile devices, it is also vital to plan the space of your website. The best Shopify themes for mobile devices by TemplateMonster take this aspect into consideration, too. Particularly, to achieve the best use of website space, our responsive Shopify templates have different tools.

Instead of uploading multiple product images separately and making people scroll the website, it is wise to use widgets. So, these widgets will let you save space. Moreover, you will be able to display the images effectively. Your visitors will be able to see the variations of goods in a slideshow or carousel. Thus, you can show the peculiarities of products for those who get interested in a particular item.

Adjust Search Form Included in Shopify Themes

Not to get lost in an extended catalog and multiple categories, it is essential to include an effective search form on your site. A lot of shoppers will use this form without even trying to explore all the products collections of your store. This is particularly true for the users browsing the store via mobiles. Indeed, it is more comfortable to utilize the search than to scroll the menus and categories. Thus, responsive Shopify themes include a powerful search form that will assist customers in their site investigation. To be specific, the search form is capable of prompting website visitors. So, when users start inputting words, the store will show relevant results before they finish typing in their queries.

Offer Sorting Options with Responsive Shopify Themes

After getting search results, shoppers usually need additional assistance. If your online store has a variety of products that match people’s requests, it is essential to facilitate the search for a specific product. So, to do this, the best Shopify themes for mobile devices contain sorting options. By applying different filters, customers will see the results that correspond to their needs. As a shop owner, you have to ensure that filtering will be successful. So, pay attention to assigning tags to your products. For instance, put in brand titles as tags to give people an opportunity to search for products by a specific brand.

Moreover, it is necessary to update tags for each category regularly. When your store is growing, and new items are appearing all the time, managing your products will lead to better conversions. Also, try to make filters specific for each category to allow customers to find items easily. Thus, you will meet the search queries and attract traffic to your store.

Customize Shopping Cart with Best Shopify Themes for Mobile Devices

Your shopping cart should be precise and understandable. Customers have to see all the information on this page. With responsive Shopify themes, your store will boast of a shopping cart that will be easy to use even on mobile devices.

Getting into the cart, customers should get various options. Firstly, they should be able to change the number of goods they wish to purchase. Secondly, they should get an opportunity to return to the store quickly if they want to continue shopping. Moreover, you have to indicate whether there are any additional taxes at the checkout stage. The more straightforward shopping cart you have, the more likely clients are to come back to your store. If the shopping cart isn’t adequately displayed on all devices, including mobile ones, people may leave the goods in the cart. Also, dropping products and quitting of customers may lead to losing sales. To avoid this, customize your cart, making the process easy for clients.

Attract Customers with Wishlist

Sometimes online store visitors are not ready to make decisions instantly. So, they require some time to think and choose the desired items. To give people such a possibility, responsive Shopify themes include wishlists. When clients create an account and start browsing your store, they can add products they like to their personal wishlist. Later, people have the possibility to come back to the list of desires and opt for the most suitable item. Giving people a chance to wait and think over is a useful tool for retaining clients. For instance, when people were interrupted and closed the store, they will not have to search for the goods in the wishlist again. Customers will be able to return to the list and make their choice.

Demonstrate Featured and Related Products

When customers are looking for goods, it is wise to prompt them. Firstly, you can show related products when people use the search form and open product pages. The tags that you can assign to goods will make this process smooth. Secondly, you can showcase featured products. Entering the store, people will see these items and start browsing your collections. Moreover, you can display featured products in different categories. Using the responsive theme Shopify design, you will be able to adjust featured and related products of your store easily.

Offer Sales and Discounts with Best Shopify Themes for Mobile Devices

You can encourage customers to make purchases by having different sales and discounts. Our responsive Shopify themes give you a possibility to present sales effectively. Managing the products on discount will be easy and intuitive. Consequently, you’ll get an effective tool to promote your goods, satisfy current customers, and attract new clients.

Social Sharing with Responsive Shopify Themes

It’s impossible to overestimate the influence of social media on shopping nowadays. A lot of people use social networks to find out the news and to look for the necessary goods. As a result, getting your store presented on social platforms is vital for success. With the best Shopify themes, you’ll be able to connect your website with social networks easily. Thus, it will guarantee a better presence of your store online. Additionally, people using mobile devices will be able to share the content of the store effortlessly.

Multilingual and Multi-currency Support

Using responsive Shopify themes by TemplateMonster, you can create an international online store. This is possible because our Shopify templates are multilingual and multi-currency. Customers always appreciate the chance to choose. So, providing people with the opportunity to select a language or a currency, you can attract more customers and increase their loyalty.

Stay in Touch with Contacts Page

Unlike desktop site versions, mobile websites don’t often display the phone number and other contact details on the catalog pages. Indeed, showing the symbols of phones and giving contact information will take the precious space of the store. However, customers need to have a quick way to get in touch with your store. They may wish to specify details about products or make an order via a phone call. Hence, it is essential to create a Contacts page that will display the necessary contact details. Mobile phone users will appreciate using such a page if they have to reach you. With the responsive Shopify themes by TemplateMonster, you’ll quickly adjust suitable contact options.

Benefit from Blog Functionality

A blog is one of the essential tools for getting traffic. When a person is looking for advice, gets to your blog, and receives quality content, this customer will continue to browse your collections. For instance, you may write recommendations on choosing birthday or Christmas presents for people of different ages. To support your blog post, you can include links to the product pages of your store. With Shopify themes responsive blogs, clients will see correctly displayed content of your online store. So, the reading of blog posts will be comfortable for people.

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Video Assistance with Responsive Shopify Themes

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