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Multifly - 多用途在线商店 Shopify 主题 - Features Image 1Multifly - 多用途在线商店 Shopify 主题 - Features Image 2Multifly - 多用途在线商店 Shopify 主题 - Features Image 3Multifly - 多用途在线商店 Shopify 主题 - Features Image 4Multifly - 多用途在线商店 Shopify 主题 - Features Image 5Multifly - 多用途在线商店 Shopify 主题 - Features Image 6Multifly - 多用途在线商店 Shopify 主题 - Features Image 7


Multifly (19 January, 2022):

  • Added Home Decor Store Skin.

Multifly (10 December, 2021):

  • Added Christmas Tree Store Skin.

Multifly (11 November, 2021):

  • Added Men's Underwear Store Skin.

Multifly (17 October, 2021):

  • Added Building Materials Store Skin.

Multifly (17 September, 2021):

  • Minor bug fixes in Pets Care Store Skin.

Multifly (10 September, 2021):

  • Added Wedding Store Skin.

Multifly (09 August, 2021):

  • Added Lingerie and Underwear Store Skin.

Multifly (08 July, 2021):

  • Updated header section in Pets Store skin;
  • Fixed custom badges.

Multifly (05 July, 2021):

  • Added Eyecare and Optometrist Store skin.

Multifly (17 June, 2021):

  • Added Brand Shoes Store skin.

Multifly (10 May, 2021):

  • Added Baby Fashion Store skin.

Multifly (16 April, 2021):

  • Added T-Shirts and Printing Store skin.

Multifly (05 March, 2021):

  • Added Pets Care Store skin 2.

Multifly (23 February, 2021): -Growave Official Shopify Application Integration.

Multifly (09 February, 2021):

  • Added Pets Store skin.

Multifly (19 January, 2021):

  • Added Sports Fashion Store layout.

Multifly (07 December, 2020):

  • Added Supermarket, Grocery Store skin.

Multifly (17 November, 2020):

  • Added Modern Fashion skin.

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A good review should describe various aspects of the customer experience. Did the customer receive fantastic customer service? Was an employee particularly helpful, and did the customer leave the employee’s name in the review? Did the customer mention other elements of the customer experience, like a great website that was easy to use? These details will not only be appealing to prospects, but it will help you know what your business is doing well.
Thanks a lot for this template! Easy to use, everything is clear and intuitive, if you have any questions - the support will always help you. In a wild delight!
Great template built with the experience of a seasoned author. I have found in the past the author is slow to reply to queries albeit with shopify templates the response is a lot quicker.
Красивый и удобный адаптивный дизайн, после оплаты получил свой архив и начал работать, выбрал именно этот дизайн потому-что подходит под наши нужды, но также в этом паке идут другие варианты и каждый из вас сможет найти себе под нужды. также понравилось то что есть возможность неплохо кастомизировать щаблон если есть такая необходимость. Так что рекомендую этот shopify шаблон, мне понравился, спасибо!
You get a lot of value from this purchase. 7 versions of the theme in one! Ive used two of them so far and they are very well built. For each one I required a specific customization so an email to support was necessary. Each email was promptly responded to with clear instructions. Heck, they even replied on a holiday! Highly recommended!

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