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Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 1Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 2Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 3Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 4Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 5Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 6Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 7Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 8Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 9Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 10Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 11Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 12Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 13Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 14Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 15Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 16Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 17Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 18Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 19Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 20Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 21Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 22Cars and Bikes 响应式WordPress模板 #53985——特色图像 23


Cars and Bikes v1.2.0 (July 3, 2017):

  • - Added Elementor Page Builder plugin;
  • - Added Cherry Plugin Wizard;
  • - Added Cherry Team Members plugin;
  • - Added Cherry Services List plugin;
  • - Added Cherry Testimonials plugin;
  • - Minor bugs fixed.

Cars and Bikes v1.1.0 (February 2, 2017):
  • - Design face lifting;
  • - Framework update;
  • - Power builder integration;
  • - Minor bug fixes.


The theme itself is nice in design and functional. I give the low rating because of the support of Zemez - in this topic are implemented plugins of Cherry services and List, which are obviously out of support already and with each passing day and a new update of WordPress they start to cause problems. However, this and many other themes with these plugins continue to be sold despite Zemezs refusal to provide adequate support or updates. It is not fair to pay for a product that is outdated and does not offer adequate support for it. I definitely do not recommend Zemez products even more if they contain Cherry services and List!!! :(
This was an incredibly easy theme to install and edit. I am very pleased with how it turned out, as is the client I created the site for. Definitely 5 stars. I did have a problem with the mouse wheel not working in Chrome but Template-Help quickly fixed it.
For everyone who needs all features at one place, the TemplateMonster website is the right choice. Perfect desing with responsive templates, all plugins and gatgets combines in one. Support and bonuses included. Plenty of other features for better use and good navigation on your website. Account for users contains reasonable amount of possibilities and you can use the ticket support in any time you need. thanks. Michael
Works like a dream, the template is stylish, simple to navigate and looks modern.
Nice Product. Simple to use. I really can recommend it. you should try it.


I was wondering if it's possible to have a sticky menu at the top? And does the theme comes with a child-theme?
Hello Sightdraft. Thank you for comment. Here is a link hot to enable the sticky menu on the top: http://www.templatemonster.com/help/wordpress-blogging-themes-how-to-enabledisable-sticky-menu.html Everything you see in demo is what you will get after the purchase. Feel free to enter our live chat and specify all details and our senior operators will gladly assist you with any issues you may have.
Good Morning - I am interested in purchasing this theme, but was wondering if there was ability to modify the colors in the theme? Usually in the demo it will show you different options for colors but I didn't see anything like that. Thanks!
Thank you for your comment. For changing colors you will need to use Adobe Photoshop CS+ or do it via CSS file. In any case please visit our Pre-Sales chat http://chat.template-help.com or give us a call at 347 342 0463 and we will provide you with assistance.

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