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I love the way this site looks and how it flows. It is easy and straight forward to edit. If you know a little coding, you can drop modules into the website very easily and customize your look. You really get more than what you pay for.
Very good theme! Easy to use, easy customizable and responsive. Comes with everything that is needed for your installation. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
La plantilla es lo que buscava ..el unico impedimento que veo en esta plantilla es el logo que no se puede cambiar al menos que no te lo hagan ellos contra coste por lo que tengo entendido...porque a mi no me ha dejado cambiar el log. Por lo de mas esta bien Gracias
The Design is great and my client love it, it suitable for Mobile, Tablet and PC Access. Great Design
Easy to use! I found all the help I needed via chat and the site worked seamlessly.

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