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FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 2FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 3FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 4FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 5FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 6FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 7FourthEye-治疗服务多用途经典WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 8


Update (July 12, 2018):

  • - Elementor page builder instead of Power Builder;
  • - A bundle of Jet Plugins;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.


One of the easiest most smooth running themes i have used lately
Everithing is alright. The template has met my expectations.
Great theme, easy to use and is clean and fresh. It has everything that I need to create a professional design for my client.
Excellent template with all necessary modules and plugins needed for a professional practitioner. Simple and straight forward implementation of template to Wordpress.
Great theme. the booking plugin takes some getting use to. hard to contact anyone for additional add on to the plugin site.



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The mod_rewrite Apache module The mod_rewrite Apache module
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MySQL 5.5 or higher
50 MB of disk space
Memory limit per process: 64mb (128mb or more recommended)