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Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor 响应式WordPress模板 #71864——特色图像 1Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor 响应式WordPress模板 #71864——特色图像 2Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor 响应式WordPress模板 #71864——特色图像 3Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor 响应式WordPress模板 #71864——特色图像 4Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor 响应式WordPress模板 #71864——特色图像 5Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor 响应式WordPress模板 #71864——特色图像 6Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor 响应式WordPress模板 #71864——特色图像 7


Well developed, the template is easy to access and to configure on administration side thanks to implementation of user friendly technological innovation. Recommended also for beginners who can access for their first time the settings following intuitive tools. Suitable to many topics is flexible and balanced in its graphic contents which privilege a simple graphic and clean overall organization of the pages.
Awesome design and very nice pre-made sections for whatever you really need. I have only one complain and that is the hand written font. Try to create texts in other language than english and you are in for a very funny outcome. Shouldnt be in these kind of templates used google fonts? However very good template, minimum of needed plugins. Typical elementor segments nicely organized into clean template.
Thank you for your feedback. You can integrate custom font following https://zemez.io/wordpress/support/how-to/integrate-custom-fonts-gpl-themes/.
Great Template. Very easy to install and use. Elementor is a huge tool with many functions!
Very user friendly and excellent customer support. Thank you so much for providing this product.
Sehr schönes Template und hat perfekt gepasst für die geplante Erneuerung der Website von www.marsundvenus.ch. Gute Plugins und einfach zu erweitern und anzupassen. Gerne wieder für wietere Projekte. Das erwähnte Zusatzpaket mit weiteren Fotos, habe ich leider noch nicht gefunden. Beautiful template and fits perfect for the planned refresh for the website www.marsundvenus.ch. Good plugins and easy to enhance and change. Gladly again for further projects. Unfortunately, I have not yet found the additional package mentioned with further photos.
Thank you for your feedback. All bonus images are included to the template, they are uploaded automatically during sample data import.



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