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##Update History


  • Removed Wishlist, Compare app
  • Added New wishlist & compare Feature
  • Added extra feature in product page


  • Improved Design Quality
  • Added Product Rating Feature
  • Update Product QuickView Feature
  • Improved Product Color Variant Appearance
  • Improved Header Cart Toggle Design
  • Improved Responsive Menu Drawer Design
  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs related to latest version of Shopify
  • Fixed some miscellaneous CSS issue

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I was on the lookout for a theme with a well laid out product page, which led me to the KidsToy template. On the whole, I really like the template, in particular the way the admin section works for changing colours, etc. Two things Id like to see improved are a) the ability to switch elements on and off for mobile browsers and b) the ability to have modules the full screen width (such as a snippet about the company with an image and a text overlay). The only other issue is that the store logo on mobile browsers is squished but a quick edit to the css will fix that.

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