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Date : 04-08-2022 Version : 2.0.5

  1. Updated : WordPress 6.0.1

Date : 14-06-2022 Version : 2.0.4

  1. Updated : WordPress 6.0
  2. Fixed : Some minor responsive issues.

Date : 10-04-2022 Version : 2.0.3

  1. Updated : WordPress 5.9.3

Date : 20-10-2021 Version : 2.0.2

  1. Updated : Theme's core plugin version 1.0.1
  2. Fixed : Custom widget image upload issue.
  3. Fixed : Comment style issue.

Date : 11-10-2021 Version : 2.0.1

  1. Fixed : A minor error

Date : 19-09-2021 Version : 2.0

  1. Updated : WordPress 5.8.1
  2. Added : Compatibility with Elementor.
  3. Added : Helper plugin based on Elementor.

Date : 01-09-2021 Version : 1.0.10

  1. Updated : WordPress 5.8
  2. Updated : Core plugin( Sidebar tab )
  3. Fixed : Header top bar date format issue.

Date : 10-03-2021 Version : 1.0.9

  1. Updated : WordPress 5.7
  2. Updated : One click demo
  3. Updated : Core plugin( Social icon )

Date : 11-10-2020 Version : 1.0.8

  1. Updated : WordPress 5.5.1
  2. Updated : Theme documentation
  3. Fixed : Mega Menu error

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This is the worst theme on the planet It is so slow on WordPress and fails all of googles speed tests. Even with 90% of the plugins disabled. You cant add any customisation, like reduce mobile header text or anything Even the header options are slow... it takes 1.6s for the header to load due to the amount of CSS on the header section. Ive been battling to fix ti. No support and now it doesnt even work with new WordPress update. Truly a shambolic service from template monster
Such a disappointment -Not usable on the so called responsive mobile site. The menu is backwards and goes up (out of view and off screen) rather than down. While I love the layout and look of the site, the menu on the mobile site is ridiculous. Users will not be able to navigate the site at all and hello you cant hover on your cell. What is the point of a menu the user can not see or get to.... there is no way to correct it for the beginner and even if you are advanced there is no way to get the menu to go down verses up. It is 100% unusable. Making the site unusable.
Очень медленный шаблон. Очень плохие оценки Google Page Speed.
Sumamente útil para sitios web dedicados a la publicación de noticias y artículos, resulta muy fácil de implementar, mantener y utilizar en el día a día. Cuenta con un editor el cuál es intuitivo y permite modificar cualquier elemento de diseño con suma facilidad, terminando por convertirse en un theme potente particularmente cuando hablamos de las posibilidades de personalización y parametrización con las que cuenta.
Great service and template. They were very fast to reply to emails and questions. They installed it quickly for me and it looked great.

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