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Das Template lässt sich recht leicht an die Vorgaben anpassen. Besonders schön ist das Kontaktformular. Meine Kritikpunkte sind die Navigation im mobilen Bereich. Einfach jQuery-Plugin aufzusezen, dass mir eine Selectbox daraus zaubert, ist nach meiner Meinung nicht mehr zeitgemäß. Die Schriftfarbe und -größe habe ich auf ein dunkler und von 13px auf 15px umgestellt. Diese waren schlicht ein bisschen anstrengend zu lesen und ein bisschen kontrastschwach.
We appreciate especially the content of the template with stock photos for dentistry industry.
As a self-employed web developer I needed a simple template for a client that had a dental clinic and wanted to improve his site, make it adaptable and fresh so after looking on several ideas we decided to go for this simple html template that matched his needs as he didnt want to be adding content so often. It is true that after a while we discovered that one of his colleagues had the same template for his clinic, but we did some css changes and it all came around quite nicely. You can see it here:
A template monstro tem ótimos produtos aliado com um ótimo atendimento.
I used this template as a starting point for a website that I am working on. This is my first time working with Bootstrap and wanted good examples of how to layout different areas of the website. The template is easy to understand and work with.
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