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Bootstrap themes to download

Bootstrap themes are websites templates that have been created for the launch of online projects.

At the TemplateMonster marketplace, you can find thousands and thousands of Bootstrap themes. Each of them has been built by expert web developers or designers from all around the world.

Therefore, you’ll find templates with professional designs and functionalities that you’ll be able to use for whatever online project you intend to launch.

Before making the purchase, you can also use the Live Demo option. This, will allow you to visualize how your website will look like with the theme you intend to buy.

What’s more, all the themes are ready to use. However, they’re also editable. Thus, if you’re not completely satisfied with their original design, you can edit it according to your preferences or needs.

Bootstrap template characteristics

All the Bootstrap themes you’ll find throughout the TemplateMonster marketplace present multiple characteristics that will be helpful for your website.

Below we listed some of the most relevant benefits.

Parallax effect

The parallax effect is a web design technique in which the website background moves slower than the foreground when a user scroll across the page.

As a result, depth and movement are created through this difference in speed.

Thus, the chance of having this effect will help you offer a better and more engaging user experience, making it more memorable.

Responsive layout

All the themes you’ll find at the TemplateMonster marketplace are responsive. This means that the users can utilize any type of device to visualize and interact correctly with you website. In fact, all the elements will automatically adapt to any type of screen resolution.


What’s more, all the themes are SEO-friendly. This means they’re all optimized for search engines. For example, each page can load very quickly. Thus, you website will have more chances to rank higher on search results, gaining more exposure and leads.

Cross-browser compatibility

Most of the themes are compatible with the most popular browser. Thus, regardless of the browser the users will use, they’ll be able to access and navigate through your website correctly.

How to choose the right Bootstrap theme

Choosing among hundreds or thousands of Bootstrap themes can make the choice difficult. To help you out in this process, we listed below some of the most relevant characteristics and factors to keep into consideration when choosing a theme.


To begin, consider how the design of the theme relates to your sector of business. For instance, a fashion website may have a different design from an electronics website.


The key to a successful website is simplicity. A theme with an overly complex design and features might confuse the users, who might leave the website and go to the competition instead. Thus, make sure the theme presents a clean and minimalistic design, layout, and functionalities.

Responsive and SEO-friendly theme

The theme you choose must be responsive. In other words, users should be able to visualize and interact correctly with every page and element of your website, regardless of the device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) they use.

Also, the theme should be optimized for search engines. For instance, it might present all the essential functionalities, excluding those considered unimportant that could slow down your website.


During the installation or use of the theme you might need help or answers to your doubts and questions. In such a case, the possibility of contacting a support service could simplify your work and save you time otherwise spent trying to figure it out on your own.

Advanced personalization

Even if the themes come up with a specific design, they’re also editable and customizable. To be clearer, you need to be able to make all the edits you need or want to. By doing so, you can take advantage of professional work, while adding your own personal touch.

Inspirational Ideas for Bootstrap Themes

If you don’t know which Bootstrap theme to choose, watch the following video. It will show you one of the best themes to use.

Bootstrap Templates FAQ

What is a Bootstrap website template?

A Bootstrap website template is a pre-designed web page or a set of pages designed with the use of the Bootstrap framework. These themes are usually built on HTML, CSS, or JS and can be used to make a fully-fledged website without hiring the specialists.

Where can I buy Bootstrap templates?

You are welcome to visit our marketplace. Here at TemplateMonster, we did all the hard work and put together thousands of digital products from vector graphics and plugins to responsive themes and templates. Since they are all sorted by categories, you should not experience the issue of finding the right Bootstrap theme for your future website.

Can I use free templates for my website?

Yes, sure, you can use any of the free templates for building a website. However, consider a few nuances when picking a free theme to make sure they won’t prevent you from achieving your goals. Compared to premium themes, free ones don’t provide extended functionality and professional technical support. Therefore, they are suitable for those of you who have at least basic coding skills to handle any occurred problems during the installation. Besides, free templates will be a good fit for personal blogs, startups, and one-page projects that don’t need advanced functionality.

How to create a website using the Bootstrap template?

To get started with creating a Bootstrap-based website, you need first to download a template from a reliable source, like TemplateMonster. Before installing the theme, make sure you have a domain name and hosting service to use for your future site. After setting up the chosen theme, it’s high time to start customizing it and filling in the layout with all the needed content. Remember to configure SEO settings and integrate social media to appeal traffic to your site. Once done, go live.

What are the benefits of using premium Bootstrap templates?

Mobile-friendly Bootstrap templates have a lot of benefits. The main reason for selecting the theme based on Bootstrap framework is that it is adaptable to different screen sizes. Among other things, premium Bootstrap themes are easy to use and customize. With a plethora of useful features, they ensure fast and cost-effective web development. They also come already equipped with handy tools, plugins, and widgets that make your life easier and help to build the content you need in no time.