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In case of any difficulties with the Jumerix Template or any other products of, please, contact our 24/7 support team for assistance.


Joomla! Extensions

At you can download more than 6 thousand modules, plugins and components to add various features to your Joomla website.

Joomla! Cookies usage warning

Following the Cookie Law conditions, you should add appropriate modules to your website that will display a warning message about the cookies used on your website. We can recommend the following ones:

Additional links

User blocks

In the modules of this type, it’s often necessary to use loadmodule/loadposition propery, for example, "{loadmodule articles_single, About us}" in the content. In order to prevent Error 404 on your website, please make sure that the name of the loaded module identical to the one, specified for loading. In this case, the "About us" module should be published and should not contain more than one space in the module name. You can learn more about loadmodule/loadposition at the official website.


Both HTML markup and CSS styles used in our templates are semantically correct and valid. However some W3C errors still can take place. Making code 100% W3C valid eliminates the usage of modern website technologies as CSS3 features and HTML5 markup. Our goal is to deliver rich user experience with high quality templates and sometimes we have to break some rules.