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Alexander Nikolyukin

The pattern is good, but it's hard to find many settings. Some things are far from obvious. Some of the elements to modify them, it is necessary to simultaneously change at several locations. How to change some elements, difficult to answer even support. There are small bugs in the design. I hope that they will not affect the work of the site.

Barbora Vlášková

Buildwall has a lot (really alot!) features to use. I apreciate portfolio, which perfectly fits to clients needs. I had no issues with installing this theme or demo content, everything went right and working with theme is smooth because of elementor, which is best life editor for my clients because they can exactly see what they are doing at the moment. Master slider makes everything looks better! I also apreciate that I can switch fonts and colors, because client uses red and our native language needs Latin Extended character set. I reccomend this theme for every one who needs something easy to customize.

Ryan Kulhanek

This template worked really well for our new website. It was very easy to use as well as had all the features we were looking for in a new template. The installation process could not have been easier. Although we are not a construction company we were able to modify the content so that it fit our industry. We were also able to easily change the CSS so the color scheme was no longer orange but the red we have in our logo.

Afshin Kherad

Very amazing template. multi theme in one package! I like it.


If you don't have any coding skills, but still you want to create a great looking unique design for your site, Buildwall is the theme you need. The Buildwall theme offers you some modules ready to be used on your site, and each of these modules brings in different functionality to your site. These modules are extremely flexible, and you can modify the theme per your requirement. The layout of this theme is very flexible.

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