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BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 1BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 2BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 3BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 4BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 5BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 6BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 7BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 8BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 9BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 10BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 11BuildWall - 建筑公司多用途 WordPress 主题 - Features Image 12


您是否一直想经营自己的企业并拥有一个网站?那么 WordPress 建筑公司主题正是您正在寻找的!一堆有吸引力的模板全部聚集在一个地方!该主题包括针对各种建筑主题的十一种独特的皮肤。每个主题,无论是建筑师模板还是生态住宅建筑,都经过时尚设计,可帮助您为您的业务创建多功能且坚实的建筑基础。

谈到演示内容,WordPress 建筑公司主题附带的所有默认图标和图像都可用于任何目的。您可以使用它们进行品牌推广,而不必担心网站的加载速度。 BuildWall 主题包含大量即用型内容,可让您运行一个成熟的网站。至于图像,它们经过压缩,因此该网站可以在所有设备上快速运行。


此外,WordPress 建筑公司主题还提供了独特的可能性,可以通过 SEO 优化的预构建页面包来推广您的建筑服务。为您服务的模板有:

  • 主页;
  • 关于页面;
  • 我们的服务页面;
  • 单一服务页面;
  • 联系页面;
  • 团队页面;
  • 合作伙伴页面;
  • 定价页面;
  • 新闻页面;
  • 作品集页面;
  • 商店页面。

至于定制的可能性,WordPress 建筑公司主题提供了几乎无穷无尽的工具和功能!该主题是在 Elementor 插件和一系列强大的附加组件的帮助下创建的,易于编辑和自定义。所有的块和部分都整齐而灵活。您几乎可以为每个页面切换各种布局。无需任何编码即可构建您的内容并即时自定义样式!只需将内容拖放到页面上即可。

探索 WordPress 建筑公司主题提供的所有各种功能和部分。把所有参赛者抛在身后,充分利用主题的机会!此外,有吸引力和引人入胜的街区旨在娱乐顾客并让他们惊叹不已。其中包括:

  • 多功能巨型菜单旨在展示您的所有页面;
  • 团队成员部分介绍您的员工;
  • 智能计数器展示您的项目数量、满意的客户或合格的员工;
  • 带有推荐的块以放置客户的评论;
  • 价目表展示贵公司的价格政策;
  • 客户接收时事通讯的订阅字段;
  • 新闻页面和主页上也组织了有吸引力的帖子;
  • 谷歌地图块供人们找到您的办公室所在位置;
  • 联系表格,以便客户给您留言或评论。


长话短说,WordPress 建设公司主题为您提供了一个轻松的网站建设过程。只需点击几下即可完成安装。此外,该主题不仅仅可以用于推广您的服务。也可以将其用作在线商店!借助 WooCommerce 插件,您可以销售各种建筑设备和制服。通过内置的电子商店选项,以经济高效且明智的方式进行销售!

作为一项附加功能,WordPress 建筑公司主题为您提供了一个独特的机会,可以在博客的 3 种华丽布局之间切换:列表、网格或砖石。此外,使用清晰简单的前端界面创建页脚和页眉!这样的过程不需要获得编码技能,只需编辑内容并将其应用到 30 个演示页面模板中的任何一个即可。


如果您在安装或使用 WordPress 建筑公司主题时遇到任何问题,请随时给我们经验丰富的团队发短信!把一切后顾之忧交给我们的技术支持人员。如果有疑问,您可以在非常详细的独特文档中找到答案。


BuildWall (November 29, 2023):

Updated skins Construction, Architect, Corporate;

  • WordPress 6.4 compatible;
  • WooCommerce 8.3 compatible;
  • Elementor Page Builder 3.17 compatible;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

BuildWall (May 31, 2023):

  • Updated skin Construction;
  • Minor bugs fixed;

BuildWall (September 29, 2022):

  • Added skin Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

BuildWall (June 29, 2022):

  • Added skin Cleaning Services Business;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

BuildWall (September 21, 2021):

  • Added skin Plumbing Services;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

BuildWall (September 6, 2021):

  • Added skin Architecture & Modern Interior Design;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

BuildWall (September 1, 2021):

  • Updated skin Construction;
  • Minor bugs fixed;
  • WooCommerce 5.6 compatible;
  • Elementor Page Builder 3.4 compatible;
  • WordPress 5.8 compatible.

BuildWall (August 31, 2021):

  • Updated skin Corporate;
  • Updated skin Architect;
  • Updated skin Road Construction;
  • Updated skin House Lifting & Moving;
  • Updated skin Business;
  • Updated skin Construction;
  • Updated skin Architect 2;
  • Updated skin House Lifting & Moving 2
  • Minor bugs fixed.

BuildWall (July 29, 2021):

  • Added skin Gardening and Landscape;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

BuildWall (June 18, 2021):

  • Added skin Renting Apartments;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (May 14, 2021):

  • Added skin Electronics and Mobile Repair;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (April 14, 2021):

  • Added skin Bootstrap Architecture;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (March 10, 2021):

  • Added skin Security Services;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (February 26, 2021):

  • Added skin Home Interior and Furniture;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (January 26, 2021):

  • Added skin Fire Department and Security;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (December 24, 2020):

  • Added skin Windows and Doors;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (November 18, 2020):

  • Added skin Furniture Design;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buildwall (October 13, 2020):

  • Added skin Interior Design;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

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Шаблон супер! Спасибо автору. Установился за 10 минут. Работает шустро. Никаких вопросов в процессе не выявлено. Покупайте, не пожалеете!
The pattern is good, but it's hard to find many settings. Some things are far from obvious. Some of the elements to modify them, it is necessary to simultaneously change at several locations. How to change some elements, difficult to answer even support. There are small bugs in the design. I hope that they will not affect the work of the site.
Esta plantilla la conocí gracias a un colaborador de la construcción y las reformas en Madrid: Ciertamente es una plantilla que se adapta perfectamente a la temática de las reformas y la construcción. Por otro lado, tiene muchos detalles de migas de pan enfocados a mejorar la navegación y el SEO. La asistencia técnica es muy buena, siempre te atienden en pocas horas e informan con claridad de como solucionar las incidencias o cambiar detalles de la configuración de la presentación de la plantilla. Lo recomiendo.
That's fantastic! It's great that you found this template through a collaborator in construction and renovations in Madrid. It seems to fit perfectly with the theme. The breadcrumb details for navigation and SEO are a nice touch. I'm glad you've had a positive experience with the technical support team, receiving prompt assistance and clear instructions. Thanks for recommending it! If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.
Buildwall has a lot (really alot!) features to use. I apreciate portfolio, which perfectly fits to clients needs. I had no issues with installing this theme or demo content, everything went right and working with theme is smooth because of elementor, which is best life editor for my clients because they can exactly see what they are doing at the moment. Master slider makes everything looks better! I also apreciate that I can switch fonts and colors, because client uses red and our native language needs Latin Extended character set. I reccomend this theme for every one who needs something easy to customize.
This template worked really well for our new website. It was very easy to use as well as had all the features we were looking for in a new template. The installation process could not have been easier. Although we are not a construction company we were able to modify the content so that it fit our industry. We were also able to easily change the CSS so the color scheme was no longer orange but the red we have in our logo.

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