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Gran plantilla para la comercialización de cursos, diseño atractivo con indices, temarios, profesores, faq. Es muy intuitivo y fácil de vincular con plataformas de pago por banco, también se puede poner un motor de facturación y de gestión de alumnos, aunque es mejor apoyarse con un moodle para esto según la complejidad de nuestro negocio. Esta plantilla es ideal para pequeños academias de formación que vendan cursos, ya que de forma muy sencilla van a conseguir una presencia muy buena. Recomiendo esta plantilla al 100%
Great customer service, quick response and guide from the chat line. I purchased the complete set up and am working with my account manager.
Beautiful template. There are many page options to suit basically all my needs. Very well-organized.
The theme fit perfectly This topic we used for language school, as the theme is very close to the intention of our client, it was easy to carry out the implementation. We work with the client to reach a final result that pleases our client, but also conveys the idea that the advertising agency passed us. The installation occurred in a quiet way, we had no setbacks at this stage. Unfortunately we will not be able to pass a previous link because the site is in its final phase, part of correction and adaptation of some texts and images. Above all we would like to thank the Template Monsters again, because whenever you need support they are ready to help us.
It is a nice template, well designed and neat. It had everything I needed to my project.
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