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This template does almost fit without to much further touch if you make an architecture or interior design / landscape web site. The template is mostly appropriate for small to medium sized projects due to its limited number of alternative pages. Meantime if you are an experienced webmaster you can easily create a lot of different designs by combining parts form different pages. Just renaming headers, labels, changing the text and replacing the pictures with your own project, the work is neatly done. As a bonus JavaScript easing adds a lively manner to every pages.
This website is perfect for my design company/portfolio of work!
I have been a buyer for nearly 5 years. I have purchased many templates here in Templatemonster. Never have I run into a template that covers all i will ever need in one template I may not purchase another for a long time as a result of this one. Thank you this template for creating a good theme. Code quality is okay, support ist outstanding and the support and documentatiom os by far good. 2 thumbs way up
User friendly, works much better to build. Very well construced
I just expected to have an on click behavior that show a larger image
Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, there no lightbox in this template. Please, next time choose the CMS template (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
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How does this template work with Dreamweaver CS6? Bob Sorenson
Because it says it uses HTML and JS, it should work fine. Avoid the ones that say they use things like WordPress if your goal is to use Dreamweaver.
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