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Członkostwo ONE $229/rok $179/rok
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It should cost $20, not $76. 1. Template has only two custom modules. All other features are located in opencart default Custom html module. So content editor should definitely know html to change something in this blocks. 2. Template doesnt have and use any opencart modificators, but overrides opencart core files (huge mistake). For example: admin/view/template/design/layout_form.twig. So you cant easily upgrade opencart to latest version. 3. Template has obvious bugs. For example: on demo site add some product to cart and look at header cart icon - product quantity label is blank. A code may has bugs, but not so obvious one. Has anyone tested this template before publication? 4. bootstrap.min.css changed in this template, so you cant upgrade bootstrap easily. 5. Strange css: - line-height: 26px; for body selector - using bootstrap classes btn btn-default for buttons that looks so different from bootstrap button - and more other... 6. Template contains and uses 3 different carousel plugins, although one should be enough. I used another opencart template for ~$76, and it was way more better.
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