FLUX - motyw WooCommerce dla sklepu z grami + RTL

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Stworzony: 15 cze 2022

Zaktualizowany: 20 lut 2024

Identyfikator: 252362

MonsterONE - Ściąganie bez limitów za 13.25$/mies

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FLUX - motyw WooCommerce dla sklepu z grami + RTL - Obraz funkcji 1FLUX - motyw WooCommerce dla sklepu z grami + RTL - Obraz funkcji 2

Uważamy, że serwisy do sprzedaży gier wideo wymagały remontu, dlatego uruchomiliśmy FLUX, nowy motyw WordPress i woo-commerce, stworzony z unikalnym designem opartym na kartach i zaokrąglonych krawędziach, jak najbardziej zbliżonym do nowoczesnych aplikacji . Posiada wszystkie klasyczne funkcje WooCommerce, a także ekskluzywne taksonomie do ładowania programistów (firm tworzących gry) i platform (konsole, komputery PC itp.) oraz opcjonalne wtyczki, takie jak tryb ciemny lub filtry strony sklepu. Obejmuje również możliwość korzystania z szablonu w trybie „Pełna szerokość”, tryb RTL oraz zmianę list produktowych na widok kart poziomych, podobnie jak w aplikacjach mobilnych, a także możliwość dodawania własnych przycisków i danych (stawka ESRB, edytor punkt) do każdego produktu, obok "Dodaj do koszyka".

Mamy nadzieję, że dzięki temu motywowi możesz stworzyć swój sklep z grami o najwyższym możliwym poziomie wyróżnienia i wyglądzie, na który zasługuje.

Lista zmian

1.1.1 - FEB 2024

  • Added Related Posts to Product relationship field (Bidirectional)
  • Included the Related Product on the post template
  • Fixed sub_field compatibility issue with latest version of ACF
  • Fixed issue with Fluid Container option
  • Compatible with latest WP and WC versions - JAN 2024

  • Fixed issue in Navbar style
  • Updated woocommerce template files
  • Compatible with latest WP and WC versions - JAN 2024

  • Fixed issue with a toggle on Theme Settings
  • Fixed issue in Woo Sidenav - OCT 2023

  • Fixed issue with "Featured Items" module
  • Fixed issue with Woo color notifications

1.1.0 - SEPT 2023

  • Fixed navbar css issues
  • Fixed some grid issues
  • Added IGDB API compatibility (unofficial module developed by us). Fields are displayed on a new frontend box if Game ID exists on product
  • Added new switches for shop page, now can toggle on/off the star rating and select the thumbnails pre-sized options
  • Fixed equal height issue on shop page and product archives templates
  • All shop page improvements are valid also for all product categories and taxonomies (uses the same "content product" template)
  • Added switch to display or not the product titles on home product slider
  • "Shop Page" tab content on Theme Settings on backend are now grouped
  • Updated Ramsthemes Addons to 1.0.3 (mandatory)
  • Demo updated

1.0.9 - MAY 2023

  • Updated demo
  • Fixed some CSS styles
  • Added RTL Compatibility
  • Removed unused social icons - APR 2023

  • Updated demo
  • Fixed some CSS styles
  • Compatible with latest WP and WC versions

1.0.8 - FEB 2023

  • Updated demo
  • Added custom age rating taxonomy and custom field for products
  • Added new social networks links
  • Updated woocommerce template files

1.0.7 - FEB 2023

  • Updated demo
  • Changed the align addtocart script with new matchheight js; this avoid the slow sliding effect and optimizes loading
  • Added new logic based on equal height or masonry grid for homepage and shop page
  • Fixed some CSS styles

1.0.6 - JAN 2023

  • Updated demo
  • Added Home Model Order for Homepage on Theme Settings. Useful to order the Modules without using the Child Theme.
  • Fixed some CSS styles

1.0.5 - November 2022

  • Added option to align price on cards layout
  • Fixed styles of star ratings on cards and single product page
  • Added styles for Reviews on single product page
  • Added xs style for buttons, and changed to this size for taxonomies buttons on blog
  • Updated demo

1.0.4 - November 2022

  • Updated woocommerce template files
  • Changed style of Add to cart button on product page when switched to Display Product Quantity

1.0.3 – September 2022

  • Changed archive titles with H1 tag
  • Changed blog archive titles with H4 tag
  • Added switch for Slider or Grid mode for Home Product and Posts modules
  • Added exported file for TI Wishlist plugin (optional)
  • Changed Classic Editor and Widgets plugin as optional on TGM
  • Added List Page templates for custom taxonomies


  • Fixed some css styles
  • Fixed pagination issue
  • Changed the search bar on mobile to compact box (only on mobile devices, not responsive view)
  • Removed unuseful imagesloaded.js

1.0.1 – August 2022

  • Fixed some css styles
  • Added Out of stock and Backorder custom text for shop
  • Added compatibility with Kinguin plugin on frontend (optional) and tutorial included

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

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Diving into this WordPress theme has been a game-changer for my website. From the get-go, the theme's aesthetic appeal and user-friendly design stood out, effortlessly elevating the overall look and feel of my site. It's not just about the looks, though; the functionality and adaptability of this theme have made a significant difference in how visitors interact with my content, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience across all devices. What truly sets this experience apart is the exceptional level of support provided. Whether it was a question about theme customization or seeking advice on best practices, the support team was always on hand, delivering prompt, detailed, and genuinely helpful responses. Their dedication not only made the technical aspects manageable but also instilled confidence in me as I worked to tailor the theme to fit my vision. For anyone on the fence about choosing this theme, let me assure you, it's worth it. Between the high-quality design and the unparalleled support team, you're not just getting a theme; you're getting a partner in your website's success. I couldn't recommend it more highly for anyone looking to make their website stand out in the digital landscape.
Fantastic support !! Genuine woocommerce template for game store.
This FLUX template is pure gold. The team consistently updates it and provides excellent customer support, even for basic and sometimes even stupid questions.
I am here to tell you this theme is THE BEST theme I have ever used. I have used 100s of themes and every type of builder under the sun. I have 1000s of hours in WordPress and I have done most of this work for companies in a professional setting. The developer has thought of everything. The design is elegant and UX is just what you need for any kind of online shop. The dark theme is one of the best looking styles I have seen. It runs fast and it's responsive out of the box. If I had one piece of advice... read the documentation. It will get you through the initial setup process. Excellent work here. Very excited to show this off.
Важео натягнути на WP без гайда, вилазить багато помилок, підтримка довго реагує

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