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If you are running a hair salon, this template is great because it has so much potential for customization with different backend technologies, including a store.
this template is cool so far not sure how its going to turn out Im still waiting for everything to be done on my site but so far so good everyone on here is super helpful and super fast with getting my store up Im excited to see it finish and get it up and running but one thing I can stay is the template has everything you need to start a website which is super cool and easy if you dont know what your doing
Fab template, lovely modern layout that is minimalistic yet full of personality.
Used this for a very artistic client (hairdressing school), and he was very satisfied with the simplicity of the design and the effectiveness of the structure. Also, discovered the ability to add a video as a background, which made us look like super-heroes to the client. The result was so good, that we use this website as a case study to new customers. This turned-out to be a successful sales strategy.
This is a very good site template, with online shop modul, easy using, clear menus, very simple admin site and beautiful design. :) And yes. This colouring is the best. Amazing. Natural and eye-cathing. I hope I will come back and I will buy another template soon! Thank you so much!
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Is this template only for the WooCommerce plugin, or does it alter the Wordpress looks as well (so, if I install the plugin, does it looks like the demo, or do have to change a ton of things to get it this way? Also, if I look at the demo, I can't click 'View cart' or 'Checkout' (nothing happens). Does the plugin comes with images as in demo?
Hello. Thank you for question. Yes, this template comes with Woocommerce plugin and all images you see in demo. You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Regards, JJ Blackstone
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