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The template is very simple and friendly. it's easy to install. You can modify many things. The template is very simple and friendly. it's easy to install. You can modify many things. The file structure is transparent. Easy to configure and modify. A very intuitive way of making changes. I have installed many templates and I really recommend it to everyone who is looking for professional solutions. You will certainly be satisfied. Also your clients. The page on this template will be modern and adapted.


Before buying this template it looked beautiful but later when trying to install it all the images look blur and is very hard to work it and change images. Not only images but all the content is difficult to deal with it. I was promised something called the Power tool but my package didn't have it.

Lee Kiraga

This template worked out to be the best option as it was quite appealing due to its already very relevant layouts for the transport industry. The documentation that was included made it easy to get started and follow the necessary steps to get it set up, and I was happy with the end result. Once it got to customising, that also was an easy process with each section allowing me to update content. A great template to use, thanks

Shikiah Williams

I am glad to have choose my template. Waiting for results;p.

Georgi Kirov

Really good template. I have purchased, installed it, modifed it and translated it. It's dope and it is what I expected. For my project this was the most suitable template. If you are looking for a template for marketing/advertising/business company, this is the right template for you. It is responsive and easy editable, if you have some basic knowlege ofcourse, it's not difficult. Template Monster is the top.

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