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Schönes Template, mit schneller Anpassung für Kundenbedürfnisse optimiert.
This is an awesome theme! Works great on mobile, which is very important lately. Very clean and easy to set up. Looks beautiful, and everything works without defects. It was easy enough to install that I was able to get it set up myself, and this was my first time. I would definitely recommend it. Ive had it on my website for about 6 month now and i do not regret getting it. Limited to top categories only but thats all i needed in my case.
I’m very happy with this magento theme, it is very easy to install and the design is clean and beautiful.
This was a very nice template and very easy to install. the client is very happy with the outcome. Another great success story
I bought this template because of its looks, responsive options and simplicity for customers to shop. I am a retailer with no technical skills, but it al worked out pretty good. Satisfied with our new webshop to be.

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