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I recently bought this template 48889, I bought it for a client that has a store with biological products. It is a very beautiful template and I love it from the very beginning. I have a lot of factors when I choose a template the first thing I look is for the template to be clean and simple. It’s very important for the persons that visit the shop to have a clean image so they can buy the items form the shop fast. As we say the first impression is what the template do so if a client feels that he can eat the products he will buy them as soon as possible. The second reason I choose this template is for the way that the items are presented. I want to be clear if you go and visit one item you will see a large image of the item on the left samples that you can choose. It also has the possibility to add a lot of filters and that is very important for my client because the biological products have a lot of categories. My client liked a lot this way of presenting the products. The third and important reason I choose the template is for the beauty. This template is very beautiful it was the one of the times that I heard my client making the sound oh I love it. So this was the best for him because he loved it. I what to talk about me a little. I am a web designer and I make websites for living. I don’t know any think about coding, html, css. But thanks to template monster I can provide for my family. I can tell you a lot for choosing a template from template monster the really work very good but the most important reason to trust template monster is the support the provide. It is more than support it works 24 h to 24 and they solve all of your problems. All of you should really try to feel the experience of the support they have. So anyone can make templates but little support them in the right way so I choose template monster. This was the important reason that I choosed this and not only this all the templates I get. Template monster create it …. you should get it. Thanks
Fantastic template, good support, help desk in chat good.. I am satisfied with templatemonster.
Everything works as expected. I dont like that it works only with 6.x versions, but it is a part of the game :)
Ідеальний шаблон для продажу органічної косметики. Красива візуалізація, сторінка товару досить продумана.
I am a web agency, I use Template Monster templates very often, I have installed template for my client, template very easy to install, Design of the template very modern and very intuitive, is also included the blog with very simple functions to enter articles And comments. I recommend this model to both beginners and experts. Monster template staff is always very helpful for all inquiries and assistance. Thanks Monster template.
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