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Обновления: 20 окт. 2020 г.

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Неограниченный доступ к 71 000+ цифровых продуктов Скачайте этот продукт бесплатно с подпиской ONE
Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 1Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 2Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 3Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 4Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 5Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 6Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 7Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 8Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 9Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 10Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 11Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 12Financial Advisor Responsive №61389 - Изображения фич 13

Журнал изменений

Financial Advisor 1.5 (October 20, 2020) Additions - UPD: SCSS optimization; - UPD: Scripts updated; - FIX: Project structure; - FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Financial Advisor Version 1.4 (June 12, 2020) Additions - ADD: Preloader Plugin; - ADD: Campaign Monitor Plugin; - UPD: Update Bootstrap Script 3 to Bootstrap 4; - UPD: jQuery 1.2.2 to jQuery 3.2.1 - UPD: jQuery Migrate 1.2 to jQuery Migrate 3.0; - UPD: jQuery Cookie; - UPD: jQuery Easing; - UPD: UI To Top plugin; - UPD: Copyright Year Plugin; - UPD: RD Mailform updated; - UPD: RD Navbar updated; - UPD: Offset system has changed; - FIX: Markup fixes; - FIX: Minor bug fixes;

Financial Advisor Version 1.3 (Octobet 17, 2019) Additions - FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Financial Advisor Version 1.2 (May 14, 2018) Additions - ADD: Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor forms; - UPD: Owl carousel updated; - UPD: Swiper updated; - UPD: RD Mailform updated;
- UPD: PhotoSwipe Gallery changed to LightGallery; - FIX: CSS styles; - FIX: Slider Fixes; - FIX: Other minor bug fixes;

Financial Advisor Version 1.1 (March 28, 2018) Additions - ADD: New Home Page Layout; - UPD: Speed Optimization; - UPD: Scripts updated; - UPD: Some styles reorganized; - UPD: Visual and animation bug fixes; - FIX: Minor bug fixes.

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This template become one of my partners main corporate website, they love how light and informative this template is
Excellent, simple to handle and very functional. The responsive mode works perfectly.
Very elegant bootstrap template with various choice of elements.
Interfaccia pulita ma curata, ideale per un immagine che trasmetta semplicità. Layout adattabile alle diverse esigenze con proposte diverse per i contenuti previsiti. Consigliato.
Its work well. Its used flex-grid. Each template is stacked well. The template works in all browsers also in IE 11
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How do you add an image logo to replace the text logo and keep everything aligned and spaced properly?
Dear Adam, Please, check the following links: In order to keep the same view, please use image with dimensions 164 X 37px Best regards, Technical Support Team
Dear Adam, Please, check the following links: In order to keep the same view, please use image with dimensions 164 X 37px Best regards, Technical Support Team
When you purchase this template in the HTML5 section, do you receive the source files for editing or do you have to use the CMS?
Thank you for your comment. This is HTML based template, it comes without any CMS, but you will be able to edit the template via Novi Builder. Our templates are downloaded as a single .zip archive package with all source files.
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