Cyber - IT Solutions & IT Startup №100700 - Изображения фич 1Cyber - IT Solutions & IT Startup №100700 - Изображения фич 2Cyber - IT Solutions & IT Startup №100700 - Изображения фич 3Cyber - IT Solutions & IT Startup №100700 - Изображения фич 4Cyber - IT Solutions & IT Startup №100700 - Изображения фич 5

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  1. Added Some New Demo
  2. Fixed Some Back-End Issue
  3. Updated Plugins Update 07/09/2020:
  4. Added Some New Demo
  5. Fixed Some Back-End-Issue
  6. Added More Flexibility

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Поддержка работает суперски. Все быстро оформили, предоставили всю необходимую информацию, помогли во всем разобраться. У шаблона потрясающие возможности, очень понятные настройки, легко разобраться самостоятельно и выполнить необходимые настройки. Присутствуют все нужные страницы и есть абсолютно все вариации для представления информации на своем сайте. Шаблон поддерживает любые браузеры и размеры экранов. Рекомендуем всем!
A VINOGRADOV, Thank You For This Awesome Comments: Translated To English: Support works superbly. We quickly formalized everything, provided all the necessary information, helped to figure it out. The template has amazing features, very clear settings, it is easy to figure it out on your own and make the necessary settings. All the necessary pages are present and there are absolutely all variations for presenting information on your site. The template supports all browsers and screen sizes. Recommended for everyone!
Cyber ​​- IT Solutions offers a comprehensive solution for IT pages, oriented to the target market and has 18 demos, excellent graphic design, correctly, easy to edit. It is very easy to install and during the installation without any setback, it has elements that add value and functionality, our customers are really satisfied. We thank and congratulate them for their excellent work, they are the best option in IT templates
Very good template but some upgrade is required. 1. Megamenu not supported 2. In Case study section you can not change Sub-title 3. In Primary Header Button not showing after changing Header type.
Thank You Sir For your Good Review. Actually Sir we are working about Mega menu . And sir we have updated our theme and the Case study section is full dynamic now. And Sir the theme has included many more header style and there some some header with button and some header without button. So you need to set exact header for your site. I Think all kind of header has included. Thank You.
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Awesome Design Quality
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