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Журнал изменений

Update 18-02-2021:

  1. Added Data Science & AI Tech Demo
  2. Update Plugins
  3. Solved Some Back-End Issue
  4. Added New IT Solution Demo
  5. Added New Description

Update 03-05-2021

  1. Release Elementor Version
  2. Change Some Design
  3. Added Some New Demo
  4. Update All Plugins & Files

Update 24-05-2021

  1. Added New Demo
  2. Update Plugins
  3. Update Design
  4. Fixed Some Issue

Update 07-12-2021

  1. Solved some Urgent Issue
  2. Update all Plugins

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A stylish and fast template suitable for business life. I am satisfied. I recommend it to people who will buy it.
Definitely one of my favourite themes to work with so far. I loved the fact that it had different home page designs to choose from. It was simple to install and the vast examples made it even easier to get the website operational.
Words cant express my gratitude to you guys for the great effort you put building this great and easy to use theme Fully recommended this theme to everyone I already recommended it to many of my friends Great job, well done
Great theme for IT solutions companies. Its provides all the necessary pages with high quality and multiple versions. Also, installation was really easy!
This Theme is really GREAT.. also the support very FAST Response ! :D AWESOME JOB

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