VisaPro - тема WordPress для иммиграции и визового консалтинга

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Update 12-08-2021:

  1. Added 5+ New Demos
  2. Update WordPress Version
  3. Up To Date All Plugin
  4. Fixed Some Issue

Update 05-10-2021:

  1. Added New Demo
  2. Up To Date Plugins

Update 17-11-2021:

  1. Up To Date Plugins
  2. Solved Some Back-End Issue

Update 23-11-2021:

  1. Up To Date Plugins
  2. Added new demos

Update 10-01-2022:

  1. Up To Date Plugins
  2. Added new demos

Update 02-03-2022:

  1. Release Elementor Version

Update 02-03-2022:

  1. Up To Date All Plugins
  2. Solved Some Urgent Issue

Update 29-04-2022 New Pages Added Fixed Others Issue

Update 04-06-2022 New Inner Pages Added Up To Date All Plugins

4 Reviews for this product

Product: This is an excellent template with many home pages and inner pages. Great layout and tones of business feature. Installation: This is terrible; installation did not go well. Had various issues; like we are unable to customized. Company did not instal proper plugins. Got lots of error. Autors Assassins: I would not comment as I did not connect this them as yet. Overall: Product is outstanding but Installation need lot of improvement
I was looking for a clean, modern website for the company Im building the website for. I couldnt find a suitable theme for the subject the company is working on. I found the VisaPro theme completely by accident and immediately said: this is what I was looking for. I had a small problem with the installation of the demo content, but the support replied to my ticket within an hour and solved the problem immediately. Star five website, star five support!
Perfect theme, great backend and fantastic support. The author helped us fix the issues weve faced perfectly. I definitely recommend this theme to everyone.
We like it. The customer wanted to use this product for electronic ticket in our city

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Требования к программному обеспечению и хостингу:

Apache v. 2.0.x или выше Apache v. 2.0.x или выше
Sublime Text2 или другие версии, Notepad++ или любой php-редактор
Notepad++ или php-редактор