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Update 22/11/2021

New Home Pages Added Update All Plugin Latest File Fixed CSS Issue Update 05/08/2021

  1. Added New 2 Home Page

  2. Added New Inner Page

  3. CSS Fixed Issue

Update 28/07/2021

  1. Added Some New Demos

  2. Fixed Some Back-End Issue

  3. Update All Plugins

Update 09/04/2021 New Page Added Update File

Update 10/01/2022 New Demo Added Up To Date All Plugins Added Revolution Slider

Update 08 June 2022

New Mission Page Added New Vision Page Added New Image Added New Coding & CSS Added Update All Plugin

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Excellent theme designed by author and support is excellent . User friendly interface , i would highly recommend this theme !
awesome template, good job definitely on all of these designs
The team had a couple of errors when I installed it, but the author was VERY eager to help, he jumped on a call and fix all my issues. Also thought me a bit about how to right CSS in Wordpress :) Thanks!
The template is very good, the seller answers all the questions.
A really professional and available after-sales service! The theme is easy to use and very modern. Thanks again for your support!

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